You Cannot Save People From Themselves

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You Cannot Save People From Themselves

I had an important conversation with a beautiful female friend today that sent chills up my spine.

It seems that with me being rather vocal about important topics lately it’s bringing people into the light and making space for others to speak up and start making sense of power imbalances.

Games played.

Roles assigned and “duties” expected.Respect lost or its possible mutual respect was never there to begin with.

After speaking to this woman today, this story showed up in my feed highlighting this EVEN MORE.

Both men and women can be victims of abuse and control games BUT women MORE THAN OFTEN end up dead or seriously injured when a man feels insecure.

This story made me cold.

Too close to home.

Jealousy, RAGE, control, possessiveness, envy, excessive competition and the perception of ownership of women as property often leaves them dead or financially destroyed with minimal recourse.

Sometimes a break up actually saves your life.

Domestic violence and abuse is Very common in families where one person is a caregiver or healthcare professional.

Don’t risk your life trying to save someone from him/her self.

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