The Wins & Losses of Life

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The Wins & Losses of Life itself


Well done Aaron Jeffery.


He won his UFC title belt.🙌


Did you know that Yoga, Pilates and meditation is NOT FLUFF?


♦️Yoga is traditionally considered a martial art and was traditionally for men by men.


Pilates are developed by Jospeh Pilates, a German physical trainer.


Some of the early use of Pilates’s exercise methods included rehabilitation of seriously injured veterans.


To work with people as a trauma-informed yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, masseuse & conflict resolution practitioner/mediator you have to understand people from EVERY walk of Life.


YOU have to be relatable to different types of people.


Thankfully in my case professional work experience in hospice, international hospitals and international education has given me the skills to work with many different people at various stages of life.✔


I fully understand competitive people and how they celebrate the wins.


Wins feel Great!


I also understand how people struggle with navigating the losses.


Losses in life do not feel so great.


  • Fight losses.
  • Relationship breakups & losses.
  • Career changes.
  • Competition losses.
  • Job losses.
  • Business losses.
  • Pet losses


More than one of my clients has been processing grief.


In terms of fighters or competitions, every time I know that person is in and committed to WIN, I worry about them until I know the outcome.


The emotional and psychological impact of a LOSS is HUGE.


Coming back from a loss takes A LOT!!




Aaron Jeffery is a very nice person and HE WON. Thankfully he also loves Thai Yoga Bodywork massage.


There’s NO FLUFF in the UFC!


Rest and Restore Aaron. You will need it.


No doubt he’s on a MASSIVE HIGH at the moment.
High on Life Itself🙌


Soak it ALL IN my friend. You worked for it.


I will say,  together we celebrate the WINS of life.

In many instances, people choose to work with me THROUGH GRIEF  and after THE LOSSES.


Celebrating the wins is easy.

The reality of life’s losses is a different conversation.


WHO has your back after a loss?






Both my Heart & my brain is here for you.


If you’re navigating Life itself with one of the above-mentioned losses in this post and want to try a different approach make an appointment and let’s get you BACK IN THE GAME of Life itself.


You can do it alone but do not have to.


Yoga practitioners understand that emotions are stored in our bodies.

The Body Keeps The Score.


Losses & grief can make us numb or angry.  It can turn us cold and hard, it can turn to bitterness and resentment if we carry it around.

I can work with you with this and help you let it go, so you don’t walk around carrying grief inside your body.


Let’s get you READY to SHOW UP & THRIVE and feel better INSIDE.


Butterfly effect. What is inside, ripples outwards.

I’m always grateful when people trust me with their healing journeys.


Private retreats are available in Norfolk County Ontario.


Thai Yoga Deep Tissue Relaxation Bodywork Massage is available.


Online Mediation is available if you want to talk it out, and want support letting it go in a gentle compassionate way, before the next round of your Life.


Every person’s healing process is unique and SACRED.




See you soon,

hugs as always



Looking forward to working with you.




+1 905 902 3106


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