The Wins & Losses of Life

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The Wins & Losses of Life


Well done Aaron Jeffery.

He won his UFC title belt.🙌


Did you know that Yoga and meditation is NOT FLUFF?


♦️Yoga is traditionally considered as a martial art.


To work with HUMAN BEINGS as a yoga teacher you need to understand different types of people from EVERY walk of Life.

YOU need to be relatable to different types of people.


Thankfully in my case professional work experience in international hospitals and international education has given me the ability to work with many different people✔


I fully understand competitive people and how they deal with wins.


I also understand how competitive people struggle with losses.


Fight losses.✔

Relationship losses.✔

Career changes ✔

Competition losses✔

Job losses✔

Business losses✔


More than one of my clients has been an athlete and/or business owner at some stage of life.


In terms of fighters or competitions, every time I know that person is in and committed to WIN, I worry about them until I know the outcome.


The emotional and psychological impact of a LOSS is HUGE.


Coming back from a loss takes A LOT!!




Aaron Jeffery is a very nice human being and HE WON.

There’s NO FLUFF in the UFC!


Rest and Restore Aaron.


No doubt he’s on a MASSIVE HIGH at the moment.
High on Life Itself🙌


Soak it ALL IN my friend. You worked for it.



P.S  If you’re dealing with one of the above losses mentioned in this post make an appointment and let’s get you BACK IN THE GAME of Life itself.


P.P.S  If you’re planning for a WIN, make an appointment and let’s gets you READY to SHOW UP.


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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