What You Have To Know About Art & Creativity

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What You Have To Know About Art & Creativity


Art & creativity is one of my favourite mediums for self-exploration and healing.




If you’ve been stuffing old emotions down for a long time and start creating, art & creative expression can easily bring things up.


Part of the therapeutic yoga teacher training and the workshops I do involves movement & art.


The intention is NEVER to destabilise you or trigger you all over the place.

When We create together we have conversations if things come up.

WE remain stable and RATIONAL.


Whether you work with another art practitioner or me, PLEASE DO NOT suddenly make irrational emotional decisions & go through your life with a wrecking ball.


It’s important to know this, so as an adult, you can make responsible, educated, informed decisions for yourself.

Keeping in mind you are responsible for yourself at all times.




We work through things TOGETHER, and you find your Own answers between your Own creative layers.


The layers will be messy, they won’t be pretty, and that’s ok.

The outcome might be something you never expected.




Personally, I never paint with an outcome in mind.


I tune into my own body, go with my own energetic flow,  allow my Soul, hands & paint to SING and the outcome materialises by itself on canvas or in a journal.

Depending if I want to go big or small.


Have to say I mostly enjoy painting large canvases and going Big.

A BIG musical symphony of PAINT.

People have asked me how I paint?


That’s my answer.

A Soul Singing Tune IN and paint it OUT.



If you’re hearing the CALL, you are welcome to get in touch with me.


I do feel art is a very personal and private journey which can be a lot of FUN with laughter and can also be very soothing and calming.

My role over the years for women has been a form of surrogate mom and an emotionally balanced nurturer.

A deeply caring mother figure.


What goes into our journals and canvases is not shared unless you choose to do so.

Mostly because I am very aware of people’s DIGNITY.


If you’re anything like me, your journal is a Secret Haven of Intimacy that keeps all your secret hidden Treasures for one day when we’re old old ladies and can look back at how we’ve grown, and experiences we’ve shared.


Some of the ladies I’ve worked with over the years have kept their art journals as future memory time capsules.


And then of course in some cases we’ve done Sacred Ceremony and burned a few to the ground over the years.


Some are keepers and some are not.

Some memories are kept and some are not.

Some people are sentimental and some are not.


Art is a Soul Medicine recipe & allows us to Explore & Embrace Our Own True Nature & Uniqueness.


How fantastic are those possibilities!

Excites me endlessly!


See you soon

Hugs as always

Colleen McClure

pssstt…if after reading this you think you might want to speak with me about decisions you already made or actions you already took, you are welcome to do so.

I’m only ever 1 click away.









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