Understanding conflict of interest

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Hi folks I spoke to a lady today who asked about traumatic stress.

Many people experience symptoms of traumatic stress without realizing.

She asked why I don’t write information about this topic on social media.

I explained to her there is a conflict of interest.

Many people with minimal expertise are going into the yoga and wellness industry targeting trauma.

Most DO NOT have work experience in hospital environments.

For my own ethics I DO NOT post important information relating to this.
People work with me directly when they feel comfortable to do so.

Not everyone who finds me is dealing with burnout or traumatic stress.
Some are , some are not.

We function differently.
We have different needs.

For that reason I DO NOT post general information about this.

Working with me directly either online or in person is best for your own wellbeing.

I post things for people to know me as a person so that by the time they DO book, a certain degree of trust is already established.

I’m sure you’ll understand that.



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