Traumatic Stress Recovery

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I went for my 11km walk this morning and remembered a recent conversation.

The person asked me “What is it that you actually do?”
In amongst all of the qualifications and skills and techniques and experiences, I finally said, “I help people find their way back”.

#traumaticstress can be difficult to recover from.
Perhaps the most challenging aspect is BEING PRESENT in the world.
Actively participating in the world can become very difficult for people.

#Grief, #loss , #depression, #anxiety these are all symptoms ALL OF US will experience in this life.
There is simply no way through life without experiencing this.

The bigger challenge is the CHOSEN coping mechanism.
Alcohol, drugs, food, shopping in excess are very common.
#bulimia is VERY COMMON in the yoga industry.

For me, nature is my “go to” for seeing clearly.
A tree is a tree.
It changes and ages gracefully with the seasons.
It doesn’t try to be anything other than a tree.
It is stable and reliable.

It goes through phases of natural beauty in full bloom and it goes through phases of total external loss of everything beautiful BUT at that stage when ALL IS LOST it digs deeper and nourishes itself in preparation for the next phase. The natural cycle.

It doesn’t try to grab and cling to the falling leaves, it simply lets them fall.

I love winter trees, mostly because they inspire me to dig deeper.

Life challenges Everyone.

Being in the world is not easy however it is more difficult to get back if you choose the path of #escapism rather than seeing and feeling clearly.

It may not be comfortable but depth requires effort.

To be a human of substance CHOOSE TO DO THE WORK.

If this speaks to you consider joining the January 2019 trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training in Thailand.

Perhaps its time to get away and let the leaves fall to regain your own sense of self.
Contact me via private message or email
#yogavancouver @ Hamilton, Ontario

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