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Yoga Teacher Training




An Integrative Approach to Well Being






Join the integrative health therapeutic trauma-sensitive yoga & Pilates teacher training and facilitator course

30 days 200 hrs



Koh Phangan Thailand




Only 10 students will be part of this program to ensure a high quality of learning and personal experience.

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Saliya Life Institute is a Registered Yoga School (RYS-200), and the international Yoga Alliance approves the curriculum of this trauma-sensitive yoga-Pilates teacher training.

Graduates and alumni have the choice of registering with both of these international associations.






US $ 4995 gets you

30 days and 200hrs
personalised training and valuable education provided by an experienced professional



Our 5 main objectives for this program are the following.


  • Objective 1

Professionalism and Ethics


A clear and thorough understanding of professional code of ethics, professional responsibilities and code of conduct as these relate to commitments to students, the profession, and the public, within the scope of practice of a yoga and Pilates teacher.


**Please note this is not a trauma clinician qualification and is not intended to replace mental health practitioners.**


Ethical business practices are included in this objective.


  • Objective 2

Anatomy, Neurology and Physiology of Toxic Stress and Trauma


A sufficient understanding of anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga and Pilates and specifically concerning trauma-sensitive yoga and Pilates.



  • Objective 3

Responsible Social Contribution

To directly contribute to sustainable personal and social understanding, acceptance, transformation and improvement.
The objective of this program is a greater understanding of self and others to support community and global harmony.


Social contribution is a core value of Saliya Life Institute.


All belief systems are respected and welcome.


  • Objective 4

Creating & Building Your Own Business


The main objective and intention of the program is to be capable and competent in teaching a 60-minute trauma-sensitive yogalates (Yoga and Pilates) group session; a one-on-one 60-minute trauma-sensitive yogalates private session; lead a suitable 60-minute workshop; an experiential understanding of art therapy and the importance of creativity in healing.


  • Objective 5

Ayurveda and Traditional Asian approaches to health and wellBeing


A foundational understanding of Ayurveda, being the sister science of Yoga.

The program participant will have sufficient knowledge to support ongoing studies in this field.



Our 11 guiding and foundational principles at Saliya Life Institute are

  • Authenticity, Integrity, Humility, Trust, Truth, Harmony, Clarity, Simplicity, Tolerance, Knowledge, Compassion.
Authenticity, Integrity, Humility, Trust, Truth, Harmony, Clarity, Simplicity, Tolerance, Knowledge, Compassion. Click To Tweet



The applicants must have the ability to assimilate knowledge and be ready to teach what has been learned by the end of the program.
This program will be intense with a perfect balance of academic knowledge and experiential learning, with the experiential component being of utmost importance.


Claiming peaceful embodiment through daily yoga-Pilates, breathing, self-knowledge and meditation.


Experience and learn the Art of Facilitation as a yoga teacher.


Experience and learn the benefits of art therapy, finding your creative voice, and using this as a healing modality for yourself and your clients.


Experience and learn about the Art of Touch and self-healing mechanisms of the body through massage.


An exceptional experience & Unique Course like no other



The curriculum is designed on integrative health, wellness & conflict mitigation.

How to live a balanced life combining the best of yoga, Pilates, self-knowledge, Meditation and western healthcare.


This program focuses on understanding mental health and behavioural health challenges with a bottom-up approach.


Learn how to support people healing from and coping through grief, loss, PTSD, trauma, toxic stress, addictive tendencies, substance abuse, burnout, compassion fatigue, ADD, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and the various co-occurring disorders and dis-ease.


Learn how self-care practices including self-awareness, self-regulation, self-nurture, emotional intelligence, gentle therapeutic yoga and Pilates, meditation, massage and art therapy provide harm reduction tools cultivating self-compassion and Personal Insight.


How trauma is held in the body


Understanding the importance and need for Trauma-Sensitive Yoga


Understanding the effects of toxic stress and trauma on a human


Suitable trauma-sensitive asana (poses), Pilates exercises and the correlating anatomy


Regulating the nervous system


Mindfulness and Meditation appropriate for trauma-sensitive yoga


Intuitive Art Therapy and creativity as a healing modality


A general introduction of Ayurveda as the sister science to yoga


The importance of Self-Awareness; Self-regulation; Self-understanding, and how to develop intrapersonal rhythms


Understanding personal triggers and how to respond


Learn, understand and experience a client-centred approach supportive of making choices and building new healthy connections


Working with children


Building rapport & working with the general public


Asian Wisdom, Philosophy and approaches to Life


Alignment & Adjustments as this relates to trauma.


Teaching Practice & Practicums


Yoga Ethics & Business


One to One session with Colleen




Be ready to work with the general public and vulnerable people such as refugees, addicts, victims of domestic violence, vulnerable children, etc.


Be fully confident and competent to teach a 60-minute trauma-sensitive yoga Pilates group class, a trauma-sensitive yoga Pilates private class, and lead a 60-minute workshop.


Receive a comprehensive resources list to support further personal development


Understand your scope of practise and role as a yoga teacher and facilitator


Be part of a supportive community and make lifetime connections through this hugely transformative experience.


Have ongoing access to your mentors after this training is over to support your continued learning and social contribution.


The applicants must have the ability to assimilate knowledge and be ready to teach what has been learned by the end of the program.


This program will be intense with a perfect balance of academic knowledge and a solid foundation of experiential learning.


Excursions will form part of our intuitive, expressive arts inspiration.

This will form part of your self-care, rest and relaxation to support you and will therefore not be mandatory.



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