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I very much enjoy her classes for the physical and spiritual release from everyday routine and stresses.

I greatly appreciate her attentiveness to the group – correcting posture and technique to prevent injury or discomfort.

I have started doing yoga at home after starting Colleen’s classes 

         Pallavi Gosain- Brunei



Colleen is very communicative, committed and friendly.

She makes every lesson enjoyable.

Elena Rim -Brunei



 Balancing and inspiring class


I have attended Colleen’s yoga class several times now and every time it has given me exactly what I needed.


I particularly like her practical and physical approach combined with practices to go inwards and experience glimpses of your true being.
The restorative yoga poses she often teaches leaves me with a strengthened body and mind. Looking forward to her class every week. 

Wilhelmina Ouwehand- Brunei



Colleen draws together her depth of knowledge & experience across a diverse range of disciplines, offering an informed & holistic approach to health & wellbeing. 

Her dedication, sensitivity & integrity are reflected throughout her practice. 

I value Colleen’s advice & expertise as a holistic therapist & trust that what Colleen offers comes from a place of Embodied Wisdom.
much love xxx-

        Kylie toon Australia



“I am incredibly grateful I participated in this workshop.

Very inspirational and healing.

Many thanks for sharing.”



“Lovely, therapeutic and also testing.

Therapeutic & messy.

I liked this a lot”.



You gave me the opportunity to overcome my perfectionism. One of my biggest issues.

Thanks for creating a beautiful space. L.S



“You inspire me.

Thank you for my art journal.

I will carry this on my journey.” 


Thank you for Investing in Yourselves





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