Trauma-informed Workplace Wellness & Conflict Mitigation


Toxic stress drives conflict & is unproductive

Having an objective qualified pair of eyes within your labour adds value to organizations and builds a bridge between workers and top management.



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Reality Check


The public sector is overloaded and CANNOT function efficiently without workplace and corporate backing


Human development is no different to business development. We cannot have one without the other.

There is no end product to deliver without the people.


Provide the work environment people want to be in  and enjoy being in and they WILL deliver, but first you need to understand what’s driving the problem and how to solve that practically.


Investing in labour as a primary asset is VITAL. Innovation and interconnected thinking is a necessary requirement for the long term sustainability of any business these days.


Training and support WITHIN the workplace is required for sustainable communities. There is a greater ripple effect that should not be overlooked.




There is currently a disconnect between the public and private sectors as well as a void between top management and front line workers.


Communities need integrated societal bridges and societal infrastructure.

First world governments are constantly speaking about mental wellbeing of society, but are we truly making this a priority?

Politics and Talking or taking action?


Employment sectors have changed. In order to attract and keep the best workers, businesses need to provide the best possible work environments if low turn over  and efficient work is a primary goal.


Each time you replace and retrain new people, time is wasted. Efficiency is lost.


Understand the core issue, provide the tools and keep innovating.




ASK your workplace for training



If you are an employee of a high stress environment, value your wellbeing and would rather not be another statistic, ask your workplace for training.

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