If you want to work with someone who Understands Humans and how we function,

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE


I’ve had a career in international healthcare and education since 1995.


When you work in international hospitals and education industries for over 20 years, you learn a thing or two about humans.


You also learn that traumatic experiences have the capacity to do 1 of 2 things to humans:


  1. Crush a person
  2. Propel you forward in the most profound way.


The difference lies in choices, mindset & who you work with after a traumatic experience!


Ultimately I’m a Human Being (just like you) and believe in contributing to society in a meaningful way.


As a human, I’m a deep water wreck dive master, I enjoy genealogy , social history research and human development.

I’m also a photographer and intuitive artist.

An open person with a sense of humor and cannot get through the day without laughter.


I’m a qualified and former allied healthcare professional with UK and South African experience in methadone clinics, HIV clinics, general and chronic medicine, and chemotherapy production.


Emergency first response instructor, hospice counselor, registered experienced yoga teacher (ERYT200; RYT500), pre and post natal yoga instructor,  a certified Pilates mat and post-rehabilitation Pilates instructor, early childhood development specialist with extensive experience with special needs children, ADHD and ADD, and certified in various forms of massage and bodywork.


Graduate Bachelor of Commerce in economics and finance and Post Graduate Diploma in marketing as well as Ontario certified Mediator (ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner).


I have completed various meditation retreats including  two 21 day silent Vipassana meditation programs in the North of Thailand and have a deep respect for Asian traditions having lived in various Asian countries for many years.


I’ve lived in and traveled over 35 countries learning from various cultures.


Different environments and different cultures offer the opportunity for innovative perspectives to human evolution and progress.


I’ve studied Qi Gong in China, Yoga in Mysore India as well as with Ray Long US Orthopaedic surgeon and student on BKS Iyengar.


With a comprehensive understanding of illness, wellness & conflict resolution everything integrates into S A L I YA


These services are an amalgamation of my work throughout my life.




Life unfolds with your eyes open and feet on the ground.


Colleen Glennis Mc Clure

Proudly Independent Global Business Owner

Right Livelihood