If you want to work with someone who Understands Humans and how we function,

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE


I have had a career in international healthcare and education since 1995.


When you work in international hospitals and education industries for over 20 years, you learn a thing or two about traumatic stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, illness, conflict,  how to prevent it and how to recover.


You also learn that traumatic experiences have the capacity to do 1 of 2 things to humans:


  1. Crush a person
  2. Propel you forward in the most profound way.


The difference lies in choices, mindset & who you work with after a traumatic experience!


Apart from my professional life, I am a Human and believe in contributing to society in a meaningful way.


As a human, I am a deep water wreck diver, I enjoy genealogy , social history research and human development.

I am also a photographer and intuitive artist.

I am an open person, have a sense of humor and cannot get through the day without laughter.


I’m a qualified and former allied healthcare professional with UK and South African experience in methadone clinics, HIV clinics, general and chronic medicine, and chemotherapy production.


I am an emergency first response instructor, hospice counselor, registered experienced yoga teacher (ERYT200; RYT500), a certified Pilates mat and post-rehabilitation Pilates instructor, early childhood development specialist with extensive experience with special needs children, ADHD and ADD, and certified in various forms of massage and bodywork. I also have a double major Bachelor of Commerce in economics and finance and post graduate diploma in marketing.


I have completed various meditation retreats including  two 21 day silent Vipassana meditation program in the North of Thailand and have a deep respect for Asian traditions having lived in various Asian countries for many years.


I have lived in and traveled 35 countries learning from various cultures. Different environments and different cultures offer the opportunity for innovative perspectives to human evolution and progress.


I have studied Qi Gong in China, Yoga in Mysore India as well as with Ray Long US Orthopaedic surgeon and student on BKS Iyengar.


I have a comprehensive understanding of illness, wellness & conflict mitigation combining this experience into preventative medicine and integrative approaches to wellness in a Balanced and sustainable way for the individual and for communities.


This course offering is an amalgamation of my work throughout my life and I am registered with the International Association of Trauma Professionals.


Life unfolds with your eyes open and feet on the ground.

Colleen Mc Clure

Proudly Independent Global Business Owner