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Colleen is an inspiring health professional and is a true leader in her field.



Pascale Weeratam Thailand


Colleen’s YogalLates classes offers a lot of flexibility training which I am very much in need of due to stiff muscles from jogging and strength training!

She knows her material!

I’ve taken classes for the past 4 months or so.

Great Instructor!!




Johnny Nasello USA:


There is an important and tremendous need for trauma-informed yoga instruction.


Colleen serves this role through her extensive experience in this field and the level of integrity and professionalism that she brings to everything she does.


For anyone looking for trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training, retreat, or personalized guidance, I would recommend you to Saliya
Life Institute Yoga School.



Lea Tracey Australia:


I met Colleen while in Thailand and received a lot of benefits from her massage magic whilst I was there.

I had a very sore frozen shoulder which immediately began to soften and regain movement.


I then came home to Australia and engaged her services with a package of rehabilitation.


We met on Skype once a week for four weeks moving through the most gentle
movements and conversations.


I was moving through some big changes, and Colleen was a very valuable steady anchor for me at this time.


Colleen herself is a package of gifts.

She’s magic with her hands, is knowledgeable with yoga pilates and bodies, and most importantly, she’s all heart.








E.R Brunei:


I have attended Colleen’s yoga class several times now, and every time it has given me exactly what I needed.


I particularly like her practical and physical approach combined with practices to go inwards and experience glimpses of your true being.


The restorative yoga poses she often teaches leaves me with a strengthened body and mind.

Looking forward to her class every week.



Tanja Mrkalj Brujic Hamilton Ontario Canada:


Colleen is Ah-Mazing!

I was in so much pain yesterday and today is a much better day, thanks to Colleen’s magic hands and technique.

I took a leap of faith when I booked the massage because I have so much pain sometimes a massage is too much for

Colleen is extremely knowledgeable, kind, gifted and talented!

I am so grateful to have met her!

I’m going back next weekend again! If you are hesitating at all, make the connection and go! You won’t be disappointed!

I can’t wait to go back!



Margie Friess France:


Colleen is a cheerful, passionate and inspiring woman.

I loved her yoga courses; she really takes care of her students and loves to share her 20 years of healthcare knowledge.

Best yoga class ever with my friend Jojo.

We will definitely come back to see Colleen and learn more about yoga.



Lydia Hitchcock UK:


What Saliya Life offers is truly amazing- I had a life-changing month there whilst taking part in my Trauma Sensitive yoga teacher training. Colleen has a phenomenal amount of knowledge and expertise, which she shared along the way.

She imparts invaluable tools which helped and continue to help me navigate through stresses and strains of everyday life.




Anonymous: Russia


Fantastic experience! We are so happy to have found Saliya Life Wellness! I was looking for a yoga trainer who could professionally guide me through my practice while being pregnant.

I had the chance of a 1:1 training with Colleen, and was fantastic.

Gentle, but efficient and with a lot of breathing tricks which I use now as well.




Tiffany Larson Utah USA MSc Social Work:


Saliya Life Wellness turned out to be one of the best educational choices I have made.

The program was thorough, comprehensive and I grew more than I imagined possible in such a condensed amount of time.

I would recommend this training and school to anyone and everyone, especially if you are interested in trauma-sensitive approaches.





She communicates well at all levels, from patients to consultant physicians. She is forthright, cheerful,
and works well under pressure. I recommend her as a conscientious, hardworking individual.



C.D Canada


Wow, such an amazing experience.




Anonymous from France:


Tai chi yoga experience. I went to see Colleen during my travels in Ko Phangan.

I told her I was interested in tai chi She told me she does yoga with tai chi influence.

So I decided see her on July31 st , 2017 and bring my friend that has never done yoga or tai chi before.

It was amazing she taught us how to relax helped us find our relaxing stance and told us to do what feels comfortable for our bodies, since regular yoga is about pushing your bodies to the limit for exercise in the states.

It was very relaxing, since we were taught about the two different breathes that you should be using in exercise and everyday life.

We were also taught that some people deal with stress in different ways than others and just realizing what is stressing you out or what is going on in that moment just makes you relax even more.

She also brought to my attention that my ankles were swollen that I’ve never even noticed before.

It was an amazing class and reasonable price for an hour.

She also responded back to Facebook messages really quickly.



Allison Mendes Brunei:


I first met Colleen in Brunei, when she was teaching the yoga class for the expat community at the Panaga Health Club.

I found her to be an intuitive and highly knowledgeable teacher and I personally enjoyed her classes each week.

I asked her to teach yogalates in our corporate
wealth and well-being program where she had an amazing response.

She tailored the classes to the students’ abilities (and culture) and created a warm, comfortable learning environment.

Her classes always take you further than expected- in a good way!

Colleen is an inspiring health professional and is a true leader in her field.


Anonymous UK


I came here a month ago feeling lost, frustrated, confused, but also thinking that I wanted to learn skills.

I had a block that I’ve got dyslexia.
A mental block thinking I was completely illiterate.


I also suffered with bulimia.

I’ve managed with the tools that were supplied during the course to keep it at bay.


I’ve been given the tools to communicate with myself differently; allowing my writing ability and creative ability to flourish which feels amazing.


This month has been an amazing experience.
It’s been challenging but completely eye-opening.


I’ve got a feeling in my belly.


This Knowing, which feels amazing.
I cannot recommend Saliya Life Institute enough.


Thank you so much for your hardwork.



Helen Lightstone LLM Ontario Canada:


“I had the pleasure of having Colleen in my Alternative Dispute Resolution class in June 2019.

Her wealth of knowledge and welcoming personality contributed greatly to the overall success of the class.


While it was my intent to teach students, Colleen taught both the students and me and in doing so, impacted the overall content delivered.


It would be a great pleasure to include Colleen and Saliya Life Wellness in future courses as the content is very relevant.

Saliya Life Wellness and Colleen are a gem to the health and wellness community!”




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