Trauma-informed Customised Private 1:1 Retreats

Joy And Suffering:

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


I am a transparent qualified  former allied healthcare provider and qualified educator specialising in the transformation and healing of burnout,  loss, trauma and toxic or traumatic stress through various practises including inclusive therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, meditation, somatic bodywork, massage, art and intentional communication.


I actively work with anyone needing objective input and wellness tools to lead a more balanced life, with healthier relationships; primarily with yourself, which then benefits everyone around you.

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I believe high quality education and preventative health care provide Lifetime Value.


Through practises of self-care including self-awareness, self-regulation, self-nurture, emotional intelligence, gentle therapeutic yoga & Pilates, meditation & Mindfulness, intuitive art and journalling we move through life’s challenges with better understanding, more Ease and more Grace.


I offer personalised programs with the personal sensations of what is happening in your being as the basis of your wellness program, in which your dignity and your rights are Always fully respected.

I offer lifestyle tools and support while You do Your inner work.

 Questions & Bookings?

Contact me via Whatsapp  email