The Awakening, Healing & Evolutionary Ownership Process Of A Woman

 In General

We Are All Unique

I have always been creative in some way shape or form and often felt ahead of our time.


I grew up playing the piano and working in the garage with my father.


My mom taught me to play the piano.

For years she played syncopation beautifully to express herself.


My father taught me to weld and work on cars.

I was a practical child and loved using my hands as well as reading every book I could get my hands on, & of course, playing outside.


My mom taught me to read when I was 4 and I read books for children older than me.


My great grandfather was a tradesman and owned his own company in Johannesburg, doing woodwork after World War One.


Our family piano was hand-crafted by him and gifted to my Mother.


On holiday he told me both Cowboy stories & Faerie stories.


According to my great grandfather, The Irish Little People helped him survive WW1.

I’m grateful they did.


He spoke with me about The Irish  Little People & Cowboy stories.

NEVER of the War.

Even though my inquiring mind really wanted to know & understand about his experience of the War, I didn’t want to pry or upset him; so out of respect for his dignity and his own healing in Life I never asked him.


My great grandmother was a natural clairvoyant medium.

A conduit/channel/ bridge between the veil.


Some people knew and some people didn’t.

Women used to go to her for readings.


She was one of the women in South Africa who finally got the RIGHT TO VOTE in the First Vote that women could participate in.


And so, SHE DID.


I never got to meet her in Real life but I know she’s proud of me for sharing her Truth about this.


In those days clairvoyance in South Africa wasn’t openly acceptable or spoken of.


For some people, even in 2023, it is still not acceptable.

For me, that’s ok. We can agree to disagree and still have respect for one another.


Known to our Ancestors as Baden Rachel Caroline Jefferys & Herbert William Hickey.


For years as I focused on the care & support of other people, my academics and career, I put art and creativity on the back burner of Life and stopped creating altogether.


Then at about 35yrs young, I felt this Loud Inner Call.


This Loud Loud call to express myself through art, paint, dance, yoga, Pilates, movement and writing.


I started with simple journaling and very quickly evolved onto canvas.


I paint intuitively and primarily with my hands.


As I shifted, grew & evolved within myself, so has my art and bodywork.


9 years later, at 44 yrs young, this one materialized.



You will notice a clear difference between “then” and Now as you scroll down.


My art and bodywork has definitely evolved through my own phases of healing, growth, & Life itSelf.


I worked on these two for a few months.

A balance of masculine and feminine.


We all have both inside of us in some way.


The one on the left feels like my alignment.


My North Star


To remain True to myself, my Values, my ethics and what I put into the world.


The one on the right feels like a container, a type of safe space holder both for myself and others who enter my space.


Alignment for me is this.


My decision to leave healthcare and work for myself in the world of Yoga, Pilates,conflict resolution, mediation, stress management & wellness was primarily influenced by Muhammad Yunus.


A man who won the Nobel Peace Prize in Bangladesh.
He was a school teacher and wanted to help Bangladeshi women out of poverty.


He knew that their biggest challenge was having no access to finance or bank support.


Knowing what he knew, he chose to invest in Women.


With zero knowledge of the financial industry but understanding the needs of his people, he started a small microloan project for Women.

He lent them small amounts of money with an agreed payment plan to help them get financially self-reliant.


This small idea rippled to a Nobel Peace Prize and Grameen bank.


It wasn’t a charity.


He didn’t give the money or education away freely.


He granted small loans and helped these women build self-sufficient small businesses.


He mentored them & taught them what they had to know in order to look after themselves, their families & their communities.


From being a school teacher, he now owns the largest bank in Bangladesh.

This was the dawn of social impact entrepreneurship.❤


Doing business in a way that enriched & improved the lives of other people.


That understanding is my Why.


That knowledge is what keeps me in Alignment with my own values & ethics.

It keeps me congruent with myself.


Healthcare professionals  & Yoga teachers often want to help everyone, but the most important thing is realising the world population is approximately 8 Billion People. (8,000,000,000 people).


Take some time to consider that and what alignment means for you.


Why are you doing what you’re doing?


What is the Big Picture of your Impact?

What Does your SOUL have to say about Life itSelf?


What is your Internal North Star?


What does your internal magnetic compass have to say?

Whales have them.

Dolphins have them, birds have them and so do we.


Are you In Tune & congruent with your Own internal compass?


Beyond the waves and trends of mass media and marketing, what are you actually contributing to in Life,  what are you in support of and what are you participating in/with?



Two years later, that evolved into another layer.


Embodiment Completion Self-Portrait




Harmony & Contentment


Living Breathing Analyzing Feeling SoulFull Human Beingness

Being MySelf

Comfortable in my Own skin.


I am That I am.


45 years young, Old Soul.


Paradoxically, simplicity & complexity at the same time.

Assertive, Kind, Caring & Compassionate at the same time.


The Harmony & Contentment Of Now.


Now I’ve painted her.

The Beauty of intuitive expressive arts is that we are only ever 1 layer away from another layer of Inner Depth.


How Amazing!

We are not only skin. We are SO MUCH MORE than that!


Skin and bones and bodies are our vehicles in this Life.

Without this vehicle we have no Life.


Wholistically Speaking.


If we Choose to shift, take Ownership of Our lives, do the work on Ourselves & Dig Within, we might find all kinds of amazing Treasure within Ourselves.

Of course we will also find some unpleasantness to face within ourselves.

Life is not always roses and butterflies.

I do not romanticize Life.



These days in the modern world nurturing the Feminine is often forgotten or diminished.

For me Nurturing The Feminine within ourselves and with others is very important.


April 2022, this is my most recent painting and it will evolve again.


Specifically & Intentionally


Nurturing the Feminine In The Here & Now.




Song Of My Soul

The photo looks different to the actual art.




Eagle Woman

SHE was painted over a few months after spending time off the trail in Brunei Rainforest. (The Abode Of Peace)


Both the Phoenix and Garuda, half human-half bird, is steeped in legend.


Garuda is the King of Birds and national emblem to both Thailand and Indonesia.
Phoenix rises from ashes.


The Dragon is the Spirit of Transcendence which soars above the clouds into Freedom.


This 2 m canvas mixed media combines various elements of Asian tradition, philosophy & symbolism.


Look closely; you might see the legs of a Woman and the body of an Eagle ❤


Many people in a Brunei coffee shop enjoyed her before she was appreciated & bought by a British man.


Perhaps there is a similarity to this one?



When it comes to our Lives, you will obviously get all kinds of opinions depending on the observer/viewer.


In my own case with this photography above, most of the feedback was positive,encouraging and appreciative.

Thankfully Many people found this inspiring, which was the Whole point.


My intention was to Inspire Our Healing, Our Creativity, Our Understanding of each other, Our Willingness to learn from others, Our Growth by earning Our Wings and food for thought on Our Quality of Life.


Think outside the box!!

Consider whether this is art or not.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to art.


Painting is a safe space to explore, make mistakes & express ourselves.


Our Independent Quality Human Ownership as Unique Individuals Within The Context Of A  Particular Collective.


How Amazing it THAT and Our Unique potential as Human beings!


Collective Consciousness SHIFTS have been going on for the longest time NOW.


I did receive MEAN & RUDE criticism from women in Ontario who viewed it as me “having an image”, as well as harassment from men.

Thankfully for me I’m very good at advocating for myself.


Bullying is, of course, an option in life.

After seeing signs in the street in Ontario which said NO BULLYING & NO HATRED, only then did I realize and started to understand the culture better.


As a mediator, I understand engaging in power struggles is, of course, an option, which I’d rather not do.


I’d rather have an adult conversation and figure out what is actually going on or alternatively leave people to their own devices.


Unfortunately, sometimes it’s easier to knock each other down or silence each other, rather than doing the work on ourselves,  RAISING EACH OTHER UPWARDS and LIFTING Our SPIRITS.

Challenges are part of Life right?


Keeping in mind, I’ve spoken about this already on YouTube.


I’ve now awoken to the fact that bullying, speaking down to people, and undermining people is part of the culture after hearing Doug Ford speak about it too


So that means the Ontario leadership is culturally aware of it, and it’s, unfortunately, part of the collective.


Years ago I spoke about early childhood adverse experiences , intergenerational trauma, having a clear sense of self as well as Secure Attachment.


For me to remain objective and for people in Ontario to trust me & to feel comfortable with me, I choose to remain impartial as an outsider looking inwards to prevent bias as much as humanly possible.


I would like people to take a look at their own behaviour as far as that is concerned.


Societal Awareness is one thing; changing ingrained cultural behaviour is another thing altogether.

Some things change, and some things don’t.


Healing, Growth & Transformation is a Very Personal Choice.


Sometimes people want to LEARN, want to grow, want to understand themselves, want to understand others,  want to improve themselves & want to improve their relationships, and sometimes people don’t.


Sometimes people grow to a certain point in life, then get stuck & plateau at that point and make no further progress until someone comes along and gives them the opportunity to do so.


Who knows if his people will LISTEN to their chosen leadership, or to me for that matter.


For myself,  I now realize that bullying is unfortunately culturally endemic there. Why else would leadership be speaking of it?

What I know for sure is that that behaviour is often culturally programmed and sometimes people only take a look at it once it impacts their family and/or career.


I also understand that when people have been consistently spoken down to they can build walls around themselves and it can become difficult to open up.


Opening up will only happen when people feel SAFE & COMFORTABLE to do so in a SAFE SPACE.

Opening up can not be forced!


I am that Woman who has been patient,  understanding, emotionally available, & compassionate person, over the years.


I am like a mom for people.

I am a giver of Care & compassion  directly from my Heart, as well as understanding & assertiveness from my brains.


People usually come to me to get away from the negativity, LEARN, HEAL & and be around a positive person in a welcoming environment regardless of where I am in the world.





Understand Culture, Understand People.



Societal Truth.



After many years of working in healthcare, Hospice, Yoga, conflict resolution and mediation, I know that people with healthy self-esteem and healthy self-confidence RAISE EACH OTHER UPWARDS.

To show up FULLY &  then navigate harrassment Ontario was disappointing, particularly for a G7 nation of educated people.



My Choice is to LIFT OUR SPIRITS & work with people who take Ownership of their Lives.


THAT is my Nature and the Nature of this business.


By True Nature, I am caring & affectionate.

Known as sincere, warm-heartedness and compassion.


Hence people Choose to work with me.


For that, I am grateful.




Many of us are tired of a fear-based abusive style of leadership and abusive communication.


The constant offence-defence competitive power struggle is unncessary & can become exhausting.


Push and Push back.


Could that be a contributing factor to stress-related burnout in Ontario?


As a well-experienced mediator,  well-qualified practitioner & competent adult, I brought my skills to Canada believing that people were friendly  & to participate Positively in a helpful way & to experience The Beauty of Canada.


Which I have been actively offering & DOING by managing the stress levels of Ontarians, preventing stress-related burnout and working with people who want to HEAL.




I did not go to Ontario as an adult to argue, to fight my way through life, be bullied, harassed or be treated like a societal doormat all the while being motivational, positive & supportive of other people.


I BELIEVE in treating people with Mutual Respect, Dignity, Good Manners & Civility.


Regardless of the criticism, bullying & harassment in the year 2021 (which I will say surprised me), I CHOSE to continue making myself available to people, expressing my voice through paint, publishing and online mentorship of my UK students.


Thankfully they are doing very well on their  Own Healing Journeys Of Choice with me.


The Impact of NOW.


NOW I’ve seen it, and I’ve said it.


Hopefully, that Inspires other people to do so too.




My Voice of Reason is that if we all remain silent about what is important to us, minimal societal progress will be made,  which ultimately means common ground, healing, reconciliation, & consensus will not be found amongst people.


I care about this, and it IS IMPORTANT for All of us.


Healing, Common Ground, Reconciliation & Consensus is important.


Thankfully the Silver Lining and Golden Thread Being, I have also met truly Wonderful people with good good Hearts and good manners.


More of  THAT  is Welcome.



Yes, I do understand we are all Unique.



Canada & The World is a MultiCultural Mosaic, not an assimilation.

Therefore, regardless of your culture, faith, or profession, the Good-Hearted are Welcome.


For 2022 I am looking forward to more Good Hearted people in Ontario choosing to work with me. Thankfully it’s happening.

Yay! Exciting Times.


Happy to say more people in Ontario are making their Way to me, as an Outsider with a great CAN DO attitude on Life itself and a great deal of international experience.

Which is precisely why I’m here.


For people on the Healing & Learning Journey of Life itself.


To hear you out &  help YOU do the work on yourself and get you to INNER WHOLENESS & INNER HARMONY, while managing your stress levels.


Progress is thankfully being made.


Yes, a kind, warm-hearted, understanding Woman is here for you when you choose to explore HEALING for yourself, which ripples through families, communities & society.


It’s HAPPENING on private retreats and through Bodywork.


Ripple Effect: More people who CHOOSE learn, heal & grow makes the World a better place for All of Us.


I’ll happily work with you to take a look at things within YourSelf.

It starts with You, your willingness & taking Ownership of Your life, as it did with All of us on this website.


Both local and global.


Forest Woman

A canvas painted after 10 days in the Brunei Rainforest with a British survivalist guide.






She was gifted to an Osteopath & Chiropractor in Brunei.

A little bit of connection to the Forest for her and her clients.

She really liked it when I showed her, so she got it as a gift.




Happy to say she’s still there for these wonderful people 🙂
Look on the wall.



Can You See?


These two I did within a few days of leaving the Monastery in Thailand after 21 days of intensive meditation, sensory deprivation, silence and fasting.



The first one I called, “Can you see?” The second one has no name.


It’s something Universal within each of us.


The Tao


That which cannot be named.


I often paint and leave the art in places I love or give it to people who have impacted me somehow.


I’ve left art all over the world now.
Coffee shops, hospitals, doctors’ rooms.

The first one is in a coffee shop near the monastery in Northern Thailand.


I gave the second one to a young Israeli monk I met at the Monastery.


He had been diagnosed with kidney cancer at 11yrs old.
After chemo was unsuccessful, his mom took him to the Monastery.


He stayed there, followed the instructions of the Monks and made a full recovery.
I met him as he was preparing to leave Thailand and return to Israel.


A little token of kindness and a reminder to never forget Our Universal Connection 🌐♦️



Before an Anchor can ever be raised it must be Let Go.


This integrates an art journal page, a deepwater wreck dive, a photo of my own breath and bubbles underwater.

Part of my own healing process.



2015 Eyes Wide Open The Voiceless One

This was painted while in an 18 year marriage with a Canadian individual from Ontario.


2 years before he decided to go and find himself.

In a nutshell, Mid 40’s he decided he didn’t know who he was, or what he wanted in life so he went to find himself & what he wanted from life in his parents basement.


He decided he didn’t know who he was or what he wanted so obviously I didn’t know either.


Life Experience & Life surprise of note lol……


What do you mean you don’t know who you are mid 40s?

In meditation groups prior to this I used to laugh when people asked, “Do you know who you are?” I’ve always had a clear sense of self.


It was however not funny at all when the person closest to me suddenly decided he didn’t know who he was after years of joining the same personal development meditation groups.


Being betrayed and deceived by the person closest to me was a VERY DIFFICULT life experience FULL of lessons.


Thankfully I already had the stress management skillset to navigate that situation for my own wellbeing.


ULTIMATELY it is The Best thing for me.


It was very vulnerable for me to post this art on social media and my website.


The not so beautiful part of life itself.


For me it took a great deal of courage to share my personal journal with the whole wide world.

Given that I am a VERY private person.


It did however allow for conversations to be had in private sessions while in Ontario.


Thank you to the people who trusted me with that.


Since then I’ve burned this journal. I’m done with that stage of life.

Feel, paint, process,  get It OUT, heal, burn, let it GO, Done and dusted 🙂

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



The love for that individual is finally DEAD and he is now a successful college professor in Quebec without me standing behind him.


The age old ingrained story of Behind Every Successful man is a strong woman was the problem all along.

For me, with the experience of Loyalty & great great Love came the experience of great great loss & intense grief, which I chose to heal.

I could have pushed it down and sucked it up but I chose not to.


If I am to speak of Power, there is Power for me in taking my voice back, saying goodbye to an emotionally unavailable incredibly selfish man and letting that ALL GO completely.


I no longer have a full time patient on my hands even though I still pray to God every Full Moon that he finally learned to stay away from harmful people.


That healing process took 5 years of my life.


It wasn’t that easy or simple.

In the here and now it is however the done and dusted nutshell.


I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of my divorce which I will honor for my own integrity, it’s the right thing for me to do.


It’s taken me 5 years of my life to make sense of everything for my own wellbeing, to process & release the anger, grief, emotional pain and every emotion on the emotional smorgasbord for my own wellbeing, to find resolution within myself for my own wellbeing and as a well mannered well spoken woman, I have finally reached the stage where I have my Own voice and I can say I Am DONE with the mess this individual caused in my Life.
I CHOOSE to Live My Life and move forward in whatever way I Choose to.
Keeping in mind I am primarily a conservative Buddhist.
There is immense mental & emotional Freedom in that for me and my own wellbeing.


That is my Truth about this  experience and I will stand in it.

I’ve healed,  made my peace with that,  reclaimed my voice in writing and art and moved on with my Life, therefore it’s done.


That’s my Truth with this and I will stand in it.


Certain lessons only need to be learned ONCE in order to  WAKEN UP and WISEN UP!


I cannot work with others to heal unless I’ve healed myself and unless I can be transparent about it right?


Which I’ve done for my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others♥️🌐♥️


Who wants to go through life with emotional baggage?


Not me! That stuff gets heavy! I’d rather keep the baggage department of life light as a feather.


Silver lining…..Divorce toughened me up, made me stronger with way better boundaries while still managing to maintain my kindness and concern for Humankind.

Thankfully not bitter or resentful based on my own true nature, healing choices & the work I chose to do on myself by myself in my own best interest keeping my future wellbeing in mind.


No name. Created during quiet time.




My favourite thing about healing journeys, art, yoga and creative expression is the other women who choose to heal, grow & share that time with me.


We have A Way of connecting in a Very Different Way that cannot fully be explained in words and, perhaps more importantly, need not be explained at all.


Each woman has her own Unique personal independent experience of these moments.



As individuals, women worldwide are choosing education, personal growth, healing and career development.


We want to learn; We want to grow; We want to improve ourselves; We want to participate in the BIGGER PICTURE OF SOCIETY.


Thankfully there are also people choosing Healing Journeys.


Keeping in mind with a degree in economics, I realize the world is both local and global.


This is what I love most about my work.


Quality education doesn’t have to be in a formal setting.

It can totally be done in a way where people receive the education & knowledge, relate it to themselves, and share from their perspective in a calm, welcoming environment.


While I am a qualified healthcare professional, qualified educator, mediator and competent in conflict resolution and being Yogini, I get to teach practical, wholesome, and helpful information.



I also get to Listen, and more than anything, I appreciate seeing people heal by doing their inner work and choosing to THRIVE.



To Heal & Thrive, people, need to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD❤🙏♦️


A safe container provides that opportunity.









Process, Reflect, Evolve 🌐
These photos are precisely that.


Interestingly enough, part of my own education and personal growth process has now also included woodwork through Mohawk College.




Ultimately, when we Choose to do the inner work on ourselves, we Choose a specific person to do that with.


My viewpoint is that it all starts with individual choices and can be at various stages of Life.


Given that I read The Wallstreet Journal and am aware of a trade deal involving the build of 8 nuclear submarines and the current Russia Ukraine situation, I currently have GREAT CONCERN for the future well-being of Humanity and have had great concern My Entire Life.


I cannot express THAT enough!

I have been speaking about OUR HUMANITY from a very young age.


If we DO NOT WAKE UP, choose to HEAL, EVOLVE and move towards INNER HARMONY, which ripples out to OUTER HARMONY instead of consistently engaging in Power struggles.



The Future of Our Humanity Is At Risk!


As both a mediator & healer, I am not a fundamentalist or activist. I will however say I am passionate about the future of HumanKind and the future of our Planet.


My process and choice to Evolve started with ME and the Spirit of my Own Passion.


Surround Yourself With Beauty


She was gifted to a doctor in Jerudong Hospital for her and her patients to enjoy.


Spirit of My Passion


She is my first painting and was gifted to a doctor in South Africa for him and his patients to enjoy.




These people above chose to work with me and made the same choice.


So can YOU.


Looking forward to working with more good-hearted people doing their INNER HEALING WORK, working towards HARMONY, RECONCILIATION, CONSENSUS and PEACE OF MIND for ALL OF US.


OUR Boat of Humanity, and Crew, so to speak.


Thankfully with the internet, you can efficiently work with me online.


Women in the UK have chosen to do that and people in Ontario.


You can also book your private retreat in Norfolk County Ontario

Or make your Thai Yoga Bodywork relaxation massage appointment and speak to me about things confidentially.


What is said, STAYS WITH ME.


In the here and now, I am one of those people who has been working with people since 1994 in various settings.


I have heard everything under the sun now.


SOMEHOW I still find it within myself to have understanding, compassion, kindness and empathy for others. Keeping in mind that I am still a Human Being, and  I cannot please everyone., which is very difficult for me to say.


I do however do my best and I am here for you.


I’m happy to say that slowly but surely more people are engaging in open dialogue on this with me confidentially.


If you read this and would like to work with me, I’m only ever 1 click or call away from you regardless of where we are in the The World.


Feedback and testimonials can be read all over the website.


See you soon,

Hugs as always


Mediator, Author, Artist, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Human Being: Colleen Glennis McClure



 Granddaughter & Daughter

Safe Space Holder Healing Hands

Looking forward to working with you





+1 905 902 3106

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