The Beauty Of Anonymity

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The Beauty Of Anonymity


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Just popping in to share Food For Thought.


I was just outside thinking of people I’ve worked with personally.


I’m in Ontario now and prior to this, I owned a retreat centre in Thailand.

People who found me there were intentionally travelling for various reasons.


In some cases, people booked directly with me from their home country and flew in to work with me.
In other cases, people found me on the island.


The beauty of international travel is that people remain completely anonymous.
They value privacy, confidentiality and being anonymous while travelling.


In Canada, Ontario may be a large province and the GTA can be a bit like a large village, where many people know each other.


For that reason, privacy, confidentiality, dignity and your reputation are EVEN MORE important.


That’s primarily the reason I offer private 1:1 retreats.


NOT EVERYONE wants to learn in a group environment.


NOT EVERYONE wants to talk or ask questions in a group setting.


Common Sense

Professionals would rather NOT share the details of our Lives with the whole wide world.


I fully understand that and the reasons for that.


There’s a time for personal interaction and a time for group interaction.


Also, the reason why the teacher training has always been limited to a small personal group of confidential people.


Personally, I enjoy travelling solo and appreciate the ability to be completely anonymous.

Who relates to that?




Grown Women in their 40’s feel very differently about things.


We are not naive to how the REAL WORLD works.



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