Symbiotic Relationships

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Symbiotic Relationships

A few years ago I bought a private retreat center on beach front property on a secluded island bay in Thailand.

The village was totally male dominated.

I showed respect to the fishermen fleet captain.
He saw me work hard every day.

We built a lovely relationship where he used my water supply for his boats and every morning I was given fresh fish from their daily catch.

It was never a spoken arrangement.

It just happened naturally.

2 people with resources we both needed so an equal exchange was cultivated.

What I valued most was the connection to the fleet.

They watched out for me, and I watched out for them. If people interfered with their boats, I called them.

Some early mornings I’d be awake at 2am and make them coffee on the way out.
While the rest of the island slept, these men worked VERY hard.

In bad weather they sat under the roof of my place and made sure their boats were ok.

In a subtle way we protected each other in a changing environment, with no tabs or score keeping. Just being human.

Fast forward to now.
I moved into a new house last week in Canada.
There is still construction under way in the area.

Again I find myself in a male dominated environment.
The construction site manager introduced himself and has been kind enough to help me out with practicalities, which he really need not do.
No agenda, just being kind.

So today buying new plants, I bought him a beautiful pot plant of my favourite flowers and left it on his desk.

Seeing him later in the day, I joked and told him he can’t shout at me for any reason now because I’ve already bought him flowers 

He and the group of men he was with laughed and went on their way.
I thanked him for looking out for me.

I know by acknowledging his kindness, he and his entire crew, are likely to keep an eye out for me.
As a woman in male environment, be kind AND strong enough to deal with the leader of the pack and his pack will respect you.

I really enjoy cultivating WHOLESOME relationships with people.

Simply be kind. Be yourself. Treat people with respect. Ask for help if you need it and remember to RECIPROCATE.

It’s the basic laws of physics.

For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

What you send out into the world, you WILL get back in some way.

Humans are not designed to exist alone.
Regardless of how independent and self reliant you may be, you STILL have to work with others.
People never forget you if YOU make a little extra effort 🍭

Purpose and People BEFORE profit is how social business is done 

Character and relationship building is not very different to house building.

If you choose the wholesome bricks, your foundation is likely to stay strong.

Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to behave like a man.
Gentleness requires strength.

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