Support Your Local Businesses : Yoga Off The Mat & Doing My Bit

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Support Your Local Businesses:

Yoga Off The Mat & Doing my Bit


Regardless of where I live, I always make an effort to support local businesses, especially family-owned businesses.


It takes a considerable risk and self-belief to leap into the world of entrepreneurship, so I try to support these people as much as possible.


I took a random drive into Hamilton downtown area today to adventure in the antique stores.

While I am a minimalist I am also sentimental.


I do random & spontaneous well.


Today I found a fantastic family-owned candle store.


Any kind of aromatherapy whether incense or scented candles is perfect to calm your nervous system.

Excellent for settling anxiety.


I’ll definitely be back in the week for 1 of these ladies


Practical, functional and pretty.


Then I found a few lovely pieces at

Antiques Gallery


Finally sat outside in the cold for a veggie flatbread lunch and tea at

Curb Side Grill

They’ve since moved so you can find them here and you can follow them on Instagram if you want to



I spent some time reading the newspaper and people watching.

Always two favourite things to do in my free time.


All 3 of these places were new to me.
All 3 family-owned, and all 3 with very friendly people.


Fun Sunday.


Ready for a new week of adventure ahead 🙏

As I find new businesses and people I’ve met, I’ll add info along the way.


Sharing good people and places is always helpful.


Take care in the meantime.

Colleen McClure


P.S It’s important to know these businesses are NOT in any way affiliated to me or Saliya Life Wellness, and there are NO affiliate links on this website. I hope this was helpful.


P.P.S If you are a business owner REMEMBER TO book your relaxation massage or private retreat with me to take care of yourself.

Why? Because Business Owners CANNOT afford to burn themselves out based on the amount of stress these people live with!


Update since then:


Here are a few more people and places I appreciate:


Andrea Ferretti & her excellent team of people at The Holistic Practice if you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Dundas area.

The Holistic Practice

You can follow her on Instagram here if you want to



Morden’s Organic Farm Store if you’re looking for organic goods and a friendly business owner.

You can follow them on Instagram here if you want to.



The Cotton Factory is a wonderful place with very kind people creating all kinds of beautiful items.

You can follow them on Instagram here if you want to




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A post shared by The Cotton Factory (@cottonfactoryca)


Shao Design is one of my favourite stores and creatives.
Especially these doors!

The combination of metal, wood, and culture




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A post shared by Shao-Pin Chu (@silverechostudio)

You can follow him here if you want to



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A post shared by Shao-Pin Chu (@silverechostudio)



I hope this is helpful for you.

See you soon.



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