Have You Suffered Enough Yet?

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At a certain point the question really does become


Have You Suffered Enough Yet?


There have many posts circulating focused on #mentalhealthawareness and #depression


I have a huge concern about the legalization of marijuana and the unknown long term impact on mental health.


Mostly my concern is the long term impact on both societal fabric and the health care system, and whether this situation can be supported.


Did policy makers fully consider both the intrinsic and extrinsic impact of this decision before making it?


Cannabis that is currently cultivated are entirely new strains.


These strains are genetically modified with no long term impact studies known.


What we know for sure is that both the white & grey matter of the brain as well as testosterone is impacted.






Keeping in mind, increased testosterone and hormonal changes could increase aggression.


This is an interesting study on violence and marijuana.


The research showed the hippocampus area of the brain had the biggest reduction in blood flow because of marijuana.

The hippocampus is the part of our brain associated with memory and learning.


Memories are distorted.


If you have concerns about mental health and behaviour consider whether choices made are sabotaging yourself or supporting yourself.

Substance abuse has the potential to destroy families.


1. Have you suffered enough?

2. At what point is change made?

3. Are you responsible for taking yourself down or raising yourself up?

4. Perhaps MOSTLY… Are your choices impacting other people?


From a Yogic standpoint : NO JUDGEMENT.

We all make our own choices as adults; knowing everything has cause and effect.


However; information can help people make better decisions and perhaps use sound judgement.


Driving under the influence of marijuana IS NOT THE BEST DECISION.


Marijuana legalization linked to rise in fatal car accidents


By now you might be wondering, “What is the point of this post”.


The point is, I have been asked many times whether I would accept a person using marijuana into yoga teacher training courses, private retreats or workshops.


Having worked within various international hospital environments I choose to say no, from an occupational health and safety standpoint.


Safe learning environments and safe social environments require stability.


Knowing that cannabis can distort memories and can distort behavior, I choose to say no; for both my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of other participants in the environment.


Thankfully there are many yoga schools to choose from so I know within the greater community there is always a suitable option.


Hopefully this information might give a little food for thought.

Bringing information and experience to the equation of Life itself is usually my main intention in order to help others.


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure


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