A Slow Life is A Good Life

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A Slow Life is a Good Life

Mom’s are The Best. 💋

I left home in 1997.

Never having flown domestically, I packed a hugely overpacked backpack and headed to London to continue my healthcare career in the UK.

I really was a very brave 20 year old little girl heading off into the world alone.

Many years and chapters later I’m now in Ontario Canada.

It’s not always easy being totally alone in a different country.

I usually move every 3-4yrs but have now decided to make Hamilton my home for an extended time.

Yesterday I went furniture shopping (Canada is expensive!! ) but if there’s only ONE thing I’m very good at, it’s making a home.

I’ll post more on this soon.

Today I woke up and found this magazine subscription in my inbox from my mom.

Because your roots are always your roots.

Your family are always your family.

Humans are not designed to go through life alone.

Even though we have our ups and downs, and they are literally on the other side of the world, I know they’re always there cheering me on.

A piece of my Soul is always on South African soil.

Thanks for the @myplatteland mag mom.

Perfect for those quiet moments with my new sofa and tea cups 

The slow life is indeed the good life.

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