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Gautama Siddhartha


One of my favourite books is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.


The word “Siddhartha” means “He who has found meaning” or “He who has attained his goals”.


The most important aspect of this story for me is the realisation that learning about ourselves & understanding cannot only be an intellectual process, nor can it only be by getting caught up in the mess of daily existence.


It is by engaging Life itself together with intellectual knowledge.


The Middle Way.


Individual events are meaningless.


It is True Integration that brings personal Insight and personal Wisdom.


Siddhartha was a recluse and ascetic only for 1 portion of his Life.
There is a lot more to His story.


Ultimately what I take from his teachings is that no one has your answers.
Question Everything.


No one can teach you an explanation of Your Own Existence.


Yoga, meditation, different martial arts and various forms of self-study are the tools for each of us to find our own way.


I can teach you the tools I have learned over the years, but I cannot teach you your own Life answers.


The consequences of choices and decisions we make are only ever our Own, remembering there is a ripple effect for each and every action.


Therefore it’s Wise to read and do your own Due Diligence.

It’s Wise to engage Life and have a daily practice, knowing that you will find your way somewhere in between.


If you would like to listen to the audiobook in the public domain, you’ll find it here.


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My own conclusion about Gautama Siddhartha is that He was one of  HumanKind’s Greatest leaders and a brilliant man with vast understanding.


More importantly, he had the COURAGE to walk away from society and from what was considered convention at that time and taught what he knew to those who were Willing and capable of learning.

He was Willing to be seen as an outsider and was progressive in his Leadership.


Namaste’ Colleen


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