Shame, Isolation and Depression

 In General


There’s been a lot in the news in the last few days about #abuse of various forms.

So much dysfunction has #shame at the root.

This very often drives isolation which then leads to depression and dysfunctional behavior including addiction and alcoholism.

Shame, guilt and low self-esteem can cause harm to relationships.

A deep sense of emptiness often described as a kind of void is common.

This is often tied up in loss and grief.

Trauma-sensitive Yoga and appropriate meditation can support you if this is relatable to you.

Rather than avoiding yourself, escaping or using passive aggressive tactics in your personal life, Choose Growth and step into getting support with intentional goals.

Not everything in life can be done alone.

So much of Western society is pure narcissistic behavior AND shame is very often the underlying cause.

#narcissism is learned behavior.

It is damaging to yourself and others.

The good thing is it can be unlearned IF you choose to grow.

Do you want to be the best version of yourself?
Best isn’t perfect.


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