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Lone Wolf Introverts

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Today I had a question from a student of mine in the UK.


She said, “Colleen I know you’ve called yourself a lone wolf. I feel like that too. How is that for you?”


I said, I’ve been like this my whole life.

I’ve always been an outsider.
I’ve always been a loner.

It’s pretty much my nature.


I can be extroverted with people I know, but generally I’m very very quiet.


I enjoy my own company.


Many introverted people often feel like something is wrong with them mostly because marketing and advertising has PUSHED bold extroversion for a long time.


Introverts are often behind the scenes type of people.


The deep deep thinkers.

The analyzers, designers and architects of the world.


People who get on with things quietly.


I did my Myers Briggs recently and 3 results came back.




I’m generally not a personality test type of person but it can provide a certain amount of Insight.

Perhaps not EVERY ASPECT of a human being but to a certain degree mine is accurate.


♦️Deep thinker personality.

♦️Analytical, logical, rational person


♦️Mediator (COMMON GROUND)

And I’m creative.


So for me personally, lone wolf category doesn’t bother me AT ALL.


I’m always thinking about something or analyzing something to death, or creating something, or doing something or researching something.


I’ve ALWAYS been this way.


Does this sound familiar to you?


Just remember….you DO NOT have to FIT INTO ANY PARTICULAR CULTURE BOX or be like everyone else!!


So that’s my answer to that ❤

If you’d like to do your Myers Briggs, you’ll find it here

Hugs as always
Colleen x

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P.P.S  I read this on INTP females and literally laughed out loud (many times).

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