Self Harming Self Talk

 In General

When I wake up thinking about a conversation I’ve had I know its important enough to do a youtube talk on.
In the meantime I’ll say this.

Surround yourself with the helpers, creators and people who value Life.

Tell yourself a story enough times and you will start believing it.

I had a conversation with a very intelligent young man a few days ago.

Just because you relate to the world differently doesn’t mean you’re a “dummy”.

It very often means you’re intelligent and see things more clearly than the followers lost in the pack of humanity.

Self deprecation doesn’t keep you humble.
Self destruction doesn’t keep you honest.

It destroys your Soul and consumes the goodness.

I believe all people are innately good.

It’s the choices we make, stories we tell ourselves and people we surround ourselves with that determine the ultimate outcome.

Don’t destroy your own Light 

Darkness is very heavy.

Once you make choices that take you down that path, habits become routines.

It’s much more difficult to get out than it is to step in.

Stay in the Light people.
Life is a gift not to be squandered.

Poisonous thinking will destroy your own mind and ruin everything.

Defeat yourself or motivate yourself.

You have the potential and capability to do both with equal measures.

Choose wisely

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