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There is in All Women, a Wild and Ancient Gypsy

 who cries in anguish when we starch her flat.

There is a part of us that can never, ever be happy until The Gypsy can Dance.- Clarissa Pinkola Estes




Women Learn, Heal and Grow Together



We’ve gathered for Centuries


Tired of the Anxiety?


Tired of the Fear?


Tired of being Tired?


Tired of being starched flat?


Prevent BURNOUT!



Destination Joy


Reclaim your Soul-FULLness



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1 day Trauma-Informed

Farm Retreats in

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that I would like to spend my summer vacations working on myself, on knowing me better, and growth in order to have a better life.

This retreat is the best program I have ever been to achieve those goals.


I was here on 2017 in a seven day retreat, and I went back home with shiny eyes and a huge smile in my face.

For 2018 I decided to take more days to go further with my process of self growth.


This time was a totally new experience as I could work deeper on myself. It was a extremely rewarding experience.

I did have time for relaxing and recover of a year of hard work, but most important is how much I learned about myself and my emotions. During these 10 days there was a lot of progress on that.


While the work with Colleen was getting deeper & deeper, there were days that I simply could not believe how wonderful and amazing is to know your self more and be connected with your soul, your emotions, and your body.


I also learned how to take care of myself and got so many tips for self care from Colleen that I can easily add to my daily routine.


I learned skills to stop, to get off the rollercoaster, and just be. I experienced to be and love yourself. There are no accurate words to express that feeling.


I am so thankful that I met Colleen on 2017 and that I could keep working with her this year.


Colleen has a tremendous experience and knowledge that she generously shares with you. She knows about Ayurveda, yoga, Pilates, Buddhism, martial arts, and much more.


She is so creative, she is talented, and guides you in such beautiful way that is hard to explain how amazing is to be led by her. I am lucky that I met her. Thank so much, Colleen.