Proactive High Functioning Women

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Proactive High Functioning Women


Just did an online session with a proactive well qualified high functioning woman in the UK.


Married woman with kids, a career and a household to run is A LOT, so choosing to add an academic thesis to that is FANTASTIC.


High functioning women VALUE THEIR TIME.

They don’t waste time.


Time management is VITAL.


We’re working together online to help her manage herself in a REALISTIC PRACTICAL WAY.


By INTEGRATING EVERYTHING into 1 hour she gets exactly what she needs to impact not only herself,  but her whole family, her career AND her career advancement.


I’m very proud of her.


It can be done when you work with someone who relates.

Book your session via email or call to get started ⏩

C$150/hr easily paid via PayPal or etransfer

P.S  In the end, she completed her thesis, managed her family, managed herself and in the end she achieved GREAT GRADES without burning out.

P.P.S Here’s what she had to say.

For her privacy feedback is kept anonymous.


“My entire life has consisted of going from one therapists to another, trying to find someone to really help me…

I was so busy being a mother, a wife, working and completing my thesis…. that by the time I contacted Colleen I was riddled with grief and unmovable trauma.

Contacting Colleen was and still is the best gift I have given to myself!

She connected to my soul, and tuned in to what my body needed.

Colleen helped me manage my nervous system, find my voice, she showed me how to listen to my body and she helped reach my full potential without sacrificing my relationships with my children and husband.

But most importantly she helped me discover my true worth!!!!!!!!!!!

Through Colleen I can honestly say that I am sooooo proud to be me!
I finally know my power!!!

As Helen Reddy puts it,
“I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!”
Thank you will never be enough Colleen! You are a miracle worker! ”

If any of this relates to you,  feel free to book your online session via email.


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