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“If you look for perfection you’ll never be content”.

Leo Tolstoy


Anna Karenina is one of my favourite books.

Russian classics are immensely dense reading but so much can come from Leo Tolstoy if you slow down and read with the intention to learn & reflect, NOT CONSUME.

Yoga for me is my lifestyle.
#SelfStudy is important and very much part of being #yogini

This means cultivating awareness of your own patterns and questioning everything.


Why do you do what you do?
Is it working for you?
Is it working for those around you?
Is your behavior taking you closer to your values or further?

Social & cultural conditioning can only be adapted once you become aware of it.

Just because everyone is doing something, doesn’t mean it should be done.

Are you simply following status quo?

Yoga isn’t about head stands and touching your toes, its about learning, growing, changing.

Regardless of how far each of us have come, the journey of growth never ends.

Growth is not perfection.

Working in the healthcare industry and additionally having a degree in finance and economics cultivated the habit of #perfection within me.

The belief where I cannot make a mistake.
The belief where mistakes are dangerous.

It’s taken a few years to realise not all mistakes are dangerous.
Not all mistakes are life or death.

Not everything has to be perfect.

In an environment of medication, yes, perfection is required.

In order for me to be content I am allowed to give myself a break.

It doesn’t mean giving up entirely and becoming an uncaring slob, it means finding my personal middle ground.

There is simply nothing to prove.

I know I can maintain an above 80% grade average for 4 years in an academic degree but I also know it burned me out.

I know what I excel at & I know what is difficult for me.
The process of life lessons is to consistently go back to the beginning and cultivate a WHOLE PERSON

Maintain the skills you are great at and use those to improve the things you still need to learn, without the need to be PERFECT at everything.

Know what your personal needs are and meet those.

Yoga OFF the mat is far more important than on the mat.

So may it be for you.🙏

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