Non-Verbal Communication & Trauma-informed Yoga

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Non-Verbal Communication


Trauma Informed Yoga


The majority of human communication




I received this beautiful beautiful photo yesterday.


Such a Lovely surprise!

I visited the horses a few days ago and have been very quiet and calm since.


These creatures are remarkable in how they connect.


Having lived in various countries and not always sharing a common spoken language;

I rely heavily on body language.

The majority of human communication is non-verbal.


This is also why I love massage and working with people’s bodies through trauma-informed yoga, Pilates, & expressive arts.


Verbal communication is of course important, but our bodies communicate our Truth alot more than most people realize.


Not everyone wants to or needs to speak about the past.


By quietening the mind we are able to feel people much more accurately.

This is exactly the connection with horses.


No words are needed.

They see straight through you to your core ❤


After every visit I feel them for days🙏


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