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Non-Verbal Communication




The majority of human communication




I received this beautiful photo from fine art photographer Brian Musson in Ontario in 2019.


Such a Lovely surprise! I was, and still Am, incredibly grateful to him.

Mostly because I didn’t even know he was taking a photograph. It was a complete surprise.


I visited these horses every now and then.

Every time I left, I was very quiet and calm within myself.



A state of Pratyahara.

That sense of quiet inner cocooning within myself that I savour.


As a multisensory person, I embrace quiet time whenever possible.


Horses are remarkable in how they connect & communicate.


Having lived in various countries and not always sharing a common spoken language;

I rely heavily on body language.


The majority of human communication is non-verbal.


This is also why I enjoy doing massage for people and working with people’s bodies through trauma-informed yoga, Pilates, & expressive arts.


Verbal communication is, of course, important, but our bodies communicate our Truth a lot more than most people realize.


As a long-term meditator, by quietening my mind ( Citta Vritti Nirodha), I am able to feel people accurately.

This is precisely the connection with horses.


No words are needed.


They feel straight through me to my core, and I feel straight through them.

We connect instantly.


After every visit, I felt them for days, and sometimes they would call me🙏


Interestingly enough,  I was once brushing a mare on the day my cycle started.

Suddenly her cycle started too.


She lined up to me, which for me showed me our connection.

We can learn a lot from animal behaviour.


On another occasion, a group of pregnant mares gathered around me and directed me into the middle of their gathering.

I allowed them to guide me and stood there in Awe, looking up at these gentle giants.

A group of pregnant mares holding space for me.


Gentle giants communicate in a way that can only be understood by staying present & BEing there with them.


Once they know us, they remember us.



This one REALLY enjoyed his equine bodywork, and I REALLY enjoyed doing it for him.


The Heart of a Horse doesn’t forget, and horses need ALOT of Love.


In South Africa, I have the same thing going on with Elephants.

They can feel me, and I can feel them.


Elephants also send out a call, which I pick up on.


Thank you to Mr Lawrence Anthony for writing his book The Elephant Whisperer and to the people of Thula Thula for the work you do in our world.


These experiences with horses and elephants reminded me of an experience swimming out in the middle of the Indian Ocean years ago off the coast of Zanzibar.


I hopped in a long-tail fishing boat and went out into the ocean to snorkel.

Out in the middle of the ocean, I looked down into the water and saw a mother dolphin with her baby dolphin close by.

The mother was looking up at me communicating with her baby.


As the sun shone through the water into the depths of the ocean, these two dolphins were looking up at me.

I had a disposable camera in my hand and wanted to take a photo of them.


The clicking sound of the camera attracted the dolphins, and the mother swam right up to me so close that the photo I managed to get was of her eye right in front of me.

In complete and utter awe, I ignored the camera and allowed myself to soak up this experience with them.


Being in the presence of a mother dolphin and her baby beside her, both completely free out in the Indian ocean beside me, is something I cannot fully describe, other than AWE in a moment of Time.


P.S. Have you ever noticed how quiet people go around a campfire? People often go very quiet around a campfire.

It’s as if we Dig into our Souls and then speak with each other from a place of what is truly important to us at that moment in Time.


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