There Is No Warranty On The Essence of Life.

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There is no warranty on the Essence of Life.

I bought 2 of these beautiful plants today.
Hibiscus Syriacus “Diana” also known as White Rose of Sharon.

At the check out the cashier told me to keep the receipt.
I was confused by this.
“Why should I do that”? I asked.

“If it dies, you get your money back”,she answered.

There is no warranty on the Essence of Life, I told her.
If I buy this, it’s my responsibility to care for it and keep it alive.

You don’t get money back when Life ends and you invest more than only money into sustaining Life.

I will say this isn’t the first time I’ve been surprised by this money back approach to Life and death in Canada.

The first experience of this mindset concerned the death of a dog, with the owners receiving a potential refund.

The Essence of Life is not a product.

It is the most precious gift.

I loved these flowers immediately.

The petals are so gentle.

A big like humans, they will need to be loved and cared for with an open hand as opposed to an iron fist.

It’s our job as humans to keep beauty alive.

Pick a flower and its life span is shortened but cultivate the roots and instead it could provide a lifetime of constant beauty and intermittent blooms.

Cultivate your own roots and the community around you, starting in your own home.

Learn to love with open hands 

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