Meditator Mind Does Better

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Meditator Mind Does Better


Aaron Jeffery, Mixed Martial Arts fighter, and massage client of mine is fighting this week in the U.S.


After many years in Asia being around martial artist fighters, I fully understand these men and women.


This sport takes EVERYTHING.


Every ounce of blood, sweat, tears, emotions, mind, body, Faith and Self Belief.

It’s not only a physical game, it’s MOSTLY MIND.


That’s where yoga, meditation and massage comes into the picture.

Meditator Mind does better in sport

(and possibly Life in general.)


The ability to stay inwardly calm and focused under massive pressure and perform at peak performance.


Aaron is a very nice person.


Very calm, TOTALLY COMMITTED to his chosen direction and does EVERYTHING he can to the best of his ability.


He does NOT give up.
Stick with it factor for SURE.

It’s not only about Win or Lose.



Good luck Aaron.


P.S you can read about him here on the UFC website

P.P.S  If you’re one of those high functioning peak performance people, and need to maintain yourself on EVERY LEVEL

feel free to contact me.


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure
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