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27 years professional  experience in 60 minutes


What a great experience!

Colleen has a true passion for healing and making you feel special.

Cannot wait for my next session.

Thank you for the restoration and care.

Project Manager Gauteng South Africa

Self-Care, Grief support, Burnout Prevention, Stress Management Support & healing



Thank you, it was very relaxing!☺️

Business Owners Couple Waterford Ontario

Self-Care, Burnout Prevention, Stress Management Support



You were a very positive guide in a short time.
I am thanking you.
Construction Business Owner Ontario.
Self-Care, Burnout Prevention, Stress Management Support & healing



I’m truly happy that we met Colleen.
You’ve been a great person to walk this part of my life with and I value you immensely.
Thank you for your continued support 🙏
Self-Care Client & Business Owner Ontario
Anxiety, Post Traumatic Healing, Grief & Loss.
Unexpected Separation & Divorce support




I feel awesome.

I’m flexible now and no headaches.

I cannot thank you enough.

Business Owner Waterford Ontario

Self-Care & Stress Management Support



Colleen is one of those Souls that I have been blessed to meet.


A true professional with a heart of gold, always ready to go the extra mile in guiding my life journey.

Her magical hands channel healing direct from spirit and always leaves me feeling rejuvenated, revitalised and refreshed.

Ready for the challenges ahead.


Highly recommended!


I am sure angels visit her from time to time.


Business Owner South Africa



Thank you once again for the relaxing recalibration.
It would seem clear that the session helped me to shake loose some of the engrained patterns that I have been burdened with.


I felt physically and mentally much better as the weekend continued and right into the beginning of the work week.


I am feeling optimistic and renewed, with a palpable sense of freedom and new opportunity.
Furthermore my relationship has deepened and become much more connected since I last saw you.
in large part due to my being able to identify and release some of the engrained attitudes and tendencies I had been suffering under.


Accordingly, I would be most pleased to permit you to include my testimonial on your website.
I also look forward to another visit with you, to help me to enjoy further progress along my life’s journey …


– Self-Care Stress Management Support Client Dundas Ontario




Thank you for Being you.

– Client Ontario




You have Magic hands and a Heart of Gold.

-Tanja Brujic Hamilton Ontario

Qualified Ontario School Teacher, Wife & Mom❤

Empath Self Care Stress Management Support

With Gratitude to The Holistic Practice Dundas Ontariofor your hospitality & for hosting us


I have truly never experienced such an incredible massage and spiritual lift before.

After two visits I have noticed growth at a personal, spiritual and professional level (I am a Chiropractor).

Always leave feeling completely relaxed, connected and pain free!

Colleen is amazing and would recommend her to everyone.
Always looking forward to my next appointments.


-Kawandeep Singh Ontario Chiropractor & Business Owner

Empath Self-Care, Burnout Prevention, Stress Management Support & healing.

Special Sleeping Beauty Time




You’ll be hard pressed to find a more compassionate, highly educated and inspirational person to assist you in your life journey than Colleen.

I recommend her and speak highly of her to everyone I know

Thanks again


Dave Biagioni Burlington Business Owner

3 mths Post-surgery treatments muscle & movement rehabilitation

Self-Care  Stress Management Support & healing


Really appreciate the effort and care.

It’s extremely hard to find that quality in people and I believe I have someone that cares about their craft, like I care about mine.”-


Construction Business Owner Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support



Wow such an amazing experience I’ll definitely be back.



You are very skilled at your trade and extremely professional.


Business owner  Ancaster Ontario

Self-Care Burnout Prevention & Stress Management Support


Safe Space Holder Healing Hands


You’re the person I come to when I’m not ok.

I’m safe with you.

Self-Care Post Traumatic Growth

Client Ontario



Her hands are magical and eased lots of stress out of me.

I asked her lots of questions.

She told me a few breathing ideas and things to help me in dealing with my own clients and dealing with my anxiety.

I will definitely be back for more massage and info.

Felt wonderful afterwards.


So now you don’t have to fly to Thailand.


Judy Rickey Business Owner Hamilton

Self-Care Stress Management Support



This was my first time going for massage .

Colleen is magical she is beyond amazing!!

I have never felt this good after a deep tissue massage.

I highly recommend her to anyone!


Usman Khan Business Owner Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support



I can’t wait to see you again.

You made me feel so at peace and allowed me to open up.

You made me feel like I’m going to be ok.

You have incredible passion and it shows through your touch and voice.

I’m starting to feel positive effects.

Thank you



Intuitive, brilliant, thought-provoking and blessed with a gift to make the complicated seem logical.

The time on the massage table was fantastic.

It was so easy to just let go and allow her to work her magic.

Truly an amazing woman.

Do yourself a favour and connect with her.

Still to this day you are one of the smartest people I have ever talked to.


Bob Hatcher Business Owner Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support & Healing



Colleen is wonderful!

She provides the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced.

I have gone back many times to help with my chronic pain, fatigue and energy balancing.

She is an immense source of inspiration to me as a woman and an expert at what she does.


Human Rights Lawyer Ontario

Self-Care, Stress Management Support, Burnout Prevention & Healing



 You are not only helping me, but you are giving my girls their mom back!

That means everything to me.

Thank you from all my heart.

You always made me feel amazing when I went and saw you… body and mind.. absolutely amazing ❤️


I beleive I was meant to find you.


You have an incredible talent.

Passion for what you do.

I felt welcomed.

Thank you for listening to me.


Client Hamilton Ontario

Self-Care Post Traumatic Growth & Healing



I booked a session earlier this week looking for relief from tension and headaches.

I enjoyed the techniques that Colleen uses.

She’s able to provide effective relief without the use of heavy pressure.

I often seek massage using deep/heavy pressure to work out all of my kinks.

Colleen was able to provide the same or better relief without the use of force, which has often left me feeling sore and bruised afterwards in the past from other massages.

I’ve noticed that my body seems to have better alignment and balance since my session without the soreness I usually experience.

Would highly recommend!

Thank you Colleen!


Tia Honey Hamilton Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support



Thank you for working with me.

I believe your treatment has really helped me make a lot of progress.

I am very grateful to you for sharing your gift.

Since our work many things have changed.
And things such as purpose are coming through to me now.
I feel so much more sure of my path.


Canadian Armed Forces Veteran –  Hamilton Ontario

Self-Care Post Traumatic Moral Injury Healing & Growth



The massage experience was very relaxing, and helped with the flexibility of the body.

Colleen’s concentration on the breathing technique during the massage was very useful too.

And on top of  that, Colleen’s personality is very friendly and welcoming.


-Rodi Khalil Engineer Burlington Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support



Meeting Colleen was a great experience.

Her ability to isolate trigger points I didn’t even know I had was awesome.

I already feel a difference in my feet.

Her professionalism during my massage meant that my massage ended when she completed working on a muscle group not exactly at one hour.

-Brian Lamb Hamilton Ontario





Thank you for your tenderness.

Business Owner & Systems Coach Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support


Thank You for making your appointment & committing to it



Appointments Essential 



“I recently booked a massage for my husband’s birthday.

He absolutely loved it and couldn’t say enough about his experience.

Colleen was very professional and her massage was definitely relaxing.

The perfect gift for him.

I’ve since learned she has a wealth of knowledge and experience”. 

Sofia Davey Ontario

Stress management Self-Care



Colleen is kind and intuitive.

I came to her hoping for some relief from shoulder pain which was resulting in limited mobility, and impacting my ability to do my job.

I had a deep tissue release treatment and it helped greatly!

I left feeling more open and my range of motion has increased significantly.

Colleen utilizes a number of modalities to increase your body’s ability to heal itself and not only decreases muscle tension but allows for a more open body and Spirit overall.

I am so grateful to have found this little gem.

Krista Swayze Business Owner Hamilton Ontario

Self-Care Stress Management Support & Transition Healing



I’ve had some joint problems for years.

Colleen was the first person who had a real answer to the issue, as well as a solution.

– Beini Shi USA Healing






Integrating the global healing arts beauty of  Zen Thai massage, Swedish Oil, Chi Nei Tsang, Traditional Toksen

Nadi healing massage, Craniosacral & The Flow Of Kahuna



Appointments Essential 



Thank you for listening to me, and making me feel a little more at peace in my mind, body and Soul.

You made time for me and I felt that.

-Hamilton Ontario


I was lucky enough to have a couple of sessions with Colleen when I was last in Thailand and her work helped me to overcome a pain that I had been living with for years, a pain in my back.
I had pretty much surrendered to the fact that I most likely had problems with a disc and nerve damage as nothing I had tried over the years helped.
Long story short… After a one on one with Colleen and a good dose of her  “magic” (that’s what I call it anyway). From nowhere I felt a huge release of stored emotions.
Apparently I had been suppressing and storing all sorts of emotions from my life.
Things like my Mum’s cancer and ongoing health issues, my brother’s cancer and a bunch of other stuff.
I usually keep my cards close to my chest when it comes to personal things like this, but why should I?
 Colleen and her work is incredible and I want to support it so that many others out there can benefit.
I am pain free and happier then ever because of it.
So if this resonates with anyone out there I would highly recommend it!
Cheers Adam
Good news Progress in life itself is that Adam is now a wonderful conscious father of 2 little Yogis♥️🌐♥️

-Adam Van Nooten Australian Athlete



Colleen was extremely accommodating and hospitable.

I immediately felt welcome and was quickly able to decompress, with an amazing Asian style massage to end my day!

Colleen is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and showed a sincere interest in my wellbeing.

I truly enjoyed our conversation and appreciate her respectful, “worldly” perspective.



♥️Received today & Shared with permission. 🙏Anonymous for her dignity & privacy ♥️

I started seeing Colleen in 2019 for a mix of chronic illness including chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, PCOS and a fairly long list resulting in fatigue, brain fog and constant physical pains.


I also have complex PTSD with a long traumatic history and needed to work with someone trauma informed from a holistic perspective to address the trauma, since traditional therapy only further dysregulated my body.


During the time I’ve seen Colleen, I also had two mild TBIs (traumatic brain injury) which resulted in post concussion syndrome, of which I still experience symptoms such as cognitive impairment, lack of focus, memory loss, balance problems, dizziness, chronic fatigue etc.


And I was also struggling to loose any weight no matter how much I cleaned up my diet or moved my body.


Colleen in my experience, is the only person who can help me re-regulate my nervous system or bring me back into my window of tolerance or calm the anxiety.


After seeing Colleen for treatment, I feel like “me” again emotionally.


I am able to dance and move freely, speak and have less severe symptoms from all these different things.


I am able to be more productive and live more.


For me, the effects usually last a few weeks and if I do physical therapy, chiropractic I usually get extremely dysregulated, this can range from a few days of severe pain that keeps me in bed to weeks of panic attacks and paranoia to such an extreme I’m afraid to even step outside or eat.


I’ve many times had to see Colleen after such treatments since I can’t function and after a treatment with her, I am back in my body and able to live my life again.


After my first visits with Colleen I also started slowly loosing weight, and it’s now 2 1/2 years later and I can proudly say I’ve already lost 20.5 pounds during this time, the weight loss is slow but consistent and remains off, which I believe is part of my healing and treatments with her definitely help.


She has a wisdom and knowledge of the body, mind and spirit that I have not encountered in another practitioner and I’ve seen 100s across several countries and continents.


Her approach is gentle, intuitive and rational.


I learn so much about myself and healing after every visit and the only thing I regret is not seeing her more regularly instead of all the other practitioners I have been recommended by the medical system.


From my own perspective as a person with an extremely complex history of physical and non physical trauma, the work she provides has never triggered flashbacks or a PTSD episode and has actually helped me release stored traumatic energy/emotions.


For me, she is the safest practitioner to work with with regards to trauma and I always look forward to our next appointment!


You are one of a kind!

Ontario Expat Post Traumatic Healing, Growth &

Self Care

With Gratitude to The Holistic Practice Dundas Ontario for your hospitality & for hosting us.

Thank you to Dr Andrea Ferretti for including me into your community to care for others.

You will always be appreciated by me.


I felt great ever since we did the therapeutic yoni massage. 

I felt really connected to myself.

Thanks again for sharing that with me.  It was a very beautiful and special day for me. 

Anonymous Thailand Trauma Healing

Pelvic Floor Health Care For Women

Stress Incontinence Prevention





Thank you for Trusting the feedback and for Committing to your appointment.




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4. If you make a massage appointment and do not arrive you WILL be billed for my time.

5. NO home visits are offered or provided

6. Bodywork & massage does not replace the advice of a doctor. Always see your doctor first.

Thank you for your understanding.

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