Stress causes tension ✔✔✔


Did you know muscle function depends on your nervous system?


Did you know muscles and connective tissue(fascia) move bone?


The human body is 1 massive network 


Efficient bodies move


$150+HST for 60 minutes of peaceful contentment.


Firm pressure with NO PAIN


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Located in Dundas Ontario


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A Unique Integrative approach to Bodywork.



Deep Tissue Release Traditional Asian Massage is a beautiful coconut oil massage incorporating:

♦️ Tok Sen, a traditional Chinese modality used to release deep tissue and regulate your nervous system.


♦️ Chi Nei Tsang, a traditional Thai modality to release tension in your stomach and regulate your nervous system.

(Did you know the main nervous system is not the brain and spinal cord but actually your stomach)


♦️ Lom, often known as “Reiki”.
Lom is vital force that exists in meridian lines of your body.


By releasing deep tissue in a calm relaxing way, allowing your nerves to settle and tension to be released, Lom (Vital Life Force) flows freely within your own body.

It’s a Unique beautiful combination of relaxation and rejuvenation I have learned over 16 years living in Asia learning from traditional healers.

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Please arrive 5-7 minutes BEFORE your scheduled time to calm & settle your nervous system.

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Who can benefit?


✔  Everyone


✔  High functioning people in stressful, fast-paced work environments.


✔   Athletes and martial artists


✔ Adults and teens with ADD/ADHD ie (overactive nervous systems)



Why Full Body?


The entire body is connected by connective tissue. Scroll down to watch and educate yourself on fascia.


Massaging portions or sections of the body is ineffective and inefficient.


Efficient and Effective massage begins at the feet, through the body, out the hands and top of the head.



What is Chi nei Tsang and Toksen?


Keeping our organs free of emotional and environmental tensions and toxins, and maintaining a smooth and abundant flow of balanced energies through the body is the secret to the gifts of good health and long life according to eastern lifestyle teachings.


In all Asian cultures the abdomen is seen as a very important area of the body.I t is the centre of our body, the origin of physical life at the umbilical cord and powerhouse of our vitality.


Chi (qi) can be described as universal electric current, unseen life-force, cosmic breath, or vital force which travels through the bodies meridian lines.



Good chi is properly flowing; unbeneficial chi is stagnant, unmoving and results in illness.


Similar to nervous impulses travelling through the body via nerves, the chi travels via meridian lines or what yogis refer to as nadi’s.

Healthy circulating chi and blood are fundamental to life.


The navel is the body’s chi energy centre.


The chi nei tsang massage, as taught by Taoist Master Mantak Chia, opens and stimulates meridian lines throughout the body focusing primarily at the navel.


By keeping the centre of the body free of blockages, we assure health, rejuvenation and longevity.



  • Balanced digestion
  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • Improved function of the fascia (connective tissue), organs and entire system of the body


I am professionally trained internationally in Thai massage, Swedish Oil, Lomi Lomi, Chi Nei Tsang, Traditional Toksen & Nadi healing massage.


I offer an integrative approach meeting you where you are on that particular day.




✔   Massage and bodywork is SACRED         GROUND!

✔  Men are required to provide valid ID with their booking.

✔  For your comfort you are robed and boxers are on. You are not exposed.

✔  There is mutual honour and mutual respect. A safe space is offered for you to relax.

This offering is PROFESSIONAL.


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I have been a bodywork practitioner since 1998. My technique and approach is Unique.


** Please note this service is non-RMT in Ontario. I do not offer benefit coverage*


Payment is by etransfer or cash 


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Learn About and Understand YOUR body.

Asian Traditions and acupuncturists have understood fascia and connective tissue for thousands of years.
Western Science is finally catching up.