Deep Tissue Relaxation Massage on the table

I have truly never experienced such an incredible massage and spiritual lift before. After two visits I have noticed…

Posted by Kawendeep Kaur Kang on Sunday, 20 September 2020


You’ll be hard pressed to find a more compassionate, highly educated and inspirational person to assist you in your life…

Posted by Dave Biagioni on Saturday, 22 May 2021


Wow such an amazing experience I’ll definitely be back.


You are very skilled at your trade and extremely professional.



Colleen Glennis McClure


This was my first time going for massage . Colleen is magical she is beyond amazing!!

I have never felt this good after a deep tissue massage. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Private Property Healing Garden Located in Norfolk County Ontario

For Women




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“I recently booked a massage for my husband’s birthday. He absolutely loved it and couldn’t say enough about his experience. Colleen was very professional and her massage was definitely relaxing.

The perfect gift for him.

I’ve since learned she has a wealth of knowledge and experience”. – Sofia Davey



Colleen is kind and intuitive.

I came to her hoping for some relief from shoulder pain which was resulting in limited mobility, and impacting my ability to do my job.

I had a deep tissue release treatment and it helped greatly! I left feeling more open and my range of motion has increased significantly. Colleen utilizes a number of modalities to increase your body’s ability to heal itself and not only decreases muscle tension but allows for a more open body and Spirit overall.

I am so grateful to have found this little gem. 



I’ve had some joining problems for years. Colleen was the first person who had a real answer to the issue, as well as a solution. – Beini Shi


Professionally trained internationally in Thai massage, Swedish Oil, Chi Nei Tsang, Traditional Toksen &

Nadi healing massage.


Relaxation Massage in the water



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Since 1998.

23 years experience in 1 hour


** Please note THIS MASSAGE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT & NON-RMT in Ontario. NO benefit coverage*

Covid Protocols in place

By Appointment only

Deep Tissue Relaxation Massage Private Healing Property




I believe your magic comes from a deep compassion for the humans who are privileged to find you.

When I asked my angels for healing, they listened.

Your humanity flows through you and is a gift. There are no coincidences.- Client


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