Maasai Mara & The Walking Anthropologist

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Maasai Mara & The Walking Anthropologist


Sharing a little travel story after a conversation yesterday.

My Instagram followers enjoyed this travel post very much.


This is me at 22yrs old, Aug 17th 1999.


I hopped on the back of an overland Africa truck and took off across Africa for 6 weeks, from Kenya to Johannesburg after 3 years of working in UK NHS hospitals.




You find a way to travel light & deal with it.


When I travel, I travel hard to build Resilience!


Slept on the ground in a very simple tent on the side of the road every night.

If you look carefully in the distance you’ll see the base of Kilimanjaro.


This is a local Maasai market.


Maasai people are nomadic and only come together for trade and finding partners.


I really enjoy being around people of completely different cultures.

Pretty much a walking anthropologist to understand human interaction & human behavior.


I enjoyed seeing how these people build their homes.
The roles of women & men.


How things are done to maintain community Harmony.


Western people are often easily offended by cultural differences mostly because the understanding has come from academic books vs being around the people first hand and simply observing how things are done.

Within the Maasai community the men are still the hunters and the women are still the gathers.


The women choose their partner.


To show a woman a man is interested he will literally jump every time he sees her, to show her his strength & prowess.

The higher he can physically jump, the better hunter he is and the better he can protect her, is how they understand this.


Funny conclusion to this little story is that while at this market, men started jumping to show me their prowess.

Amazing to see, experience and be a part of ❤


I made sure to keep my distance incase they thought I’d made a choice.

Oopssss…..Colleen suddenly becomes Maasai by accident.


Understanding Communication




The experience was totally body language at a distance.


Thankfully I understood this from the beginning and kept my distance maintaining RESPECT for these people.

The facial features of Maasai people are very beautiful.


Of course I had no intention of becoming Maasai but I appreciated the gesture.

And.. it was not lost on me that in the middle of nowhere, Coca Cola was available.


Be Inspired To Learn & Travel


I hope this inspired your interest in travel, different cultures and a harmonious way of living by making the effort to simply understand people.


40 random independent international travelers (mostly women) met up in Kenya & hopped on a truck for 6 weeks of ADVENTURE.


At the South African border I called my parents in Johannesburg and told them to prepare themselves for 40 visitors in the next few hours.

We all arrived at my parents house and had a great evening together.


People slept all over the house, all over the garden and TOGETHER we made it work.


How beautiful is that?


Everyone including my parents loved it.


For 40 international people to complete their trip with a South African family was a wonderful experience for everyone.


If you’d like to work with me towards a harmonious way of life make an online appointment,  make a massage appointment,  join a retreat in Ontario or join the trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training.


Where everything comes together in a harmonious Beautiful way.


Have a lovely day,


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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