Love Languages, Relationships and Communication

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Love Languages, Relationships & Communication


I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend.

Relationships whether with friends, family or partners can often result in conflict and misunderstandings.


We may be saying the same thing in different ways but have no awareness.


When challenges arise it’s important to remember that its you are your partner/family member or friend working together AS A TEAM to solve the challenge or leap over the obstacles, rather than struggling against each other because of the challenge.


It’s a totally different approach.

I took a look at the 5 love languages and this was my score.



I will admit I am a minimalist.


Quality time has always been the most important gift to me.

Time is a resource which cannot be renewed or replaced.


For me it is the most treasured of all resources since Life on Earth is made up of minutes.


Therefore giving people my time, being patient and slowing down long enough to truly HEAR, SEE and mostly FEEL what is being said is the most important aspect of any relationship, both professional or personal.


The majority of our communication is not verbal.

If this interests you take a look at 5 love languages and do the quiz yourself.

My scores don’t surprise me.


Time, words and touch are important to me.



Words are important and allowing people to touch you is sacred, hence massage is my Love ❤


You’re welcome to make an appointment for bodywork and massage in Dundas Ontario


Feel free to comment below with your most important language and your score.

Have a lovely day


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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