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Just For The Record


The World is GLOBAL, folks.


This week’s update is; my first painting SOLD internationally from Dane’s Cafe in Brunei.



Eagle Woman


Both the Phoenix and Garuda, half-human, half-bird, is steeped in rich legend.

Garuda is the King of Birds and a national emblem to both Thailand and Indonesia.
Phoenix rises from ashes.

The Dragon is The Spirit of Transcendence which soars above clouds to Freedom.

This 2m mixed media canvas contains various elements of Asian tradition and philosophy.


Out of the blue, I got an email and a wonderful surprise from a buyer.


South African woman in Canada sells her painting to a British man in Brunei.


Our degrees of separation is now only ever 1 click away from another person, ANYWHERE in the World.

Did you know you are connected to everyone on Earth by just 4 degrees now?


How awesome is that?


On my FB post about the sale a comment from a fellow creative was, “ Excellent! Add international art sale to the record!”


“To the record” got me thinking.




In hindsight, I now realise; my entrepreneurial SPIRIT started as a little girl.


My first small creative business started in primary school, making and selling chocolates.

(Thankfully, my mother could cope with melted chocolate all over the kitchen).


I learned many things.


How to buy supplies.

How to transform it.

How to package.

How to clean up behind myself!  (clean hands clean money)

And…how to SAVE in my piggy bank.

(money management and financial literacy skills for a little girl)


Save your money and buy what you want for yourself in the future.


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Christmas I made and sold chocolate (and started getting pre-orders).

People loved it, and I loved making it.


Best selling chocolate was an LP record mold that said,


“Just for the Record I Love You”.


Who knew one chocolate mold and melty chocolate could teach a little girl so many valuable life skills?


I am definitely an advocate for teaching young children (especially girls) entrepreneurial skills, which also forms part of the work I’m now doing.


Coaching women in a start-up business.


More than one international trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training student and private retreat client have started her small business in her own country.

How WONDERFUL is that?


If you want to work with me, I’m only ever 1 click away.


Have a lovely day



Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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