Trillium Gift of Life Organ & Tissue Donor

Only 35% of Ontarians are registered to donate with still 12.6 million unregistered.

If YOU want to register you can do so here


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (Ontario)


3 Personal Contributions of long hair donation for wigs (South Africa)


12 Personal Blood Supply Donations (Brunei)

Brunei Blood Bank


Volunteer teaching (Brunei)

Chung Liang Village School Brunei

Toys and clothing collection donated to Sungai Liang Village


Volunteering (Indonesia)

Wildlife Rescue Center Jogjakarta


Pro Bono Project (Borneo Rainforest)

South African Palm Oil Awareness


Special Thanks to Derek Watts this project resulted in Carte Blanche South African Documentary



Doctors Without Borders


Kiva: Supportive of Women starting businesses and improving their education

“Women around the world have less access to fair credit—while 46% of men have access to formal financial services, only 27% of women do.”


Individual Responsibility Improves Global Fabric