How to Face Your Fears

 In General

What are the things that scare you, and how well do you navigate fear?



For me personally, I watched Jaws 3D at 7yrs old in the cinema.


For years I was TERRIFIED of water.


In a swimming pool, I could only swim on the first step as a child for years.

Eventually, I thought……THIS IS NONSENSE.

I cannot be controlled by the fear of a movie.




My first big plunge was into White Water River Rafting on the Zambezi.

Thrown out of the boat into deep water by myself on a grade 5 rapid.

I almost drowned, and THEN I DIDN’T.


I did find a crocodile
it didn’t hurt me.




My second excellent water adventure was deciding to become a deepwater wreck diver and a divemaster.


My fears were swimming in deep, deep water, so I went to that environment.


I’m no longer afraid of 43m underwater. I’m entirely comfortable there now and can lead other people into deep water as a divemaster.


So so…1 single event almost left me terrified for life.



Respect Yes. Fear No.


Why do people often work with me?

Sometimes, Finding resolution after fear and sometimes making Peace with situations.


It’s not easy, and it HAS TO BE DONE SLOWLY; otherwise, we LOSE TRUST in each other. ❤


One step at a time.


What I know for sure is that my adventurous Spirit is one of the main reasons people love working with me and enjoy travelling with me.

Keeping in mind there is a time and place for everything.


When we work together, I KEEP YOU SAFE.


People, Culture and Couples.


Communication is often one of peoples greatest fears.



The fear of offending people or making a mistake can result in going through life walking on eggshells.


In certain instances, people drift apart, communicate less and less or stop communicating altogether.



Therefore, WHEN we work together, I will teach you HOW your body processes information.



Every person processes information in a different way since our bodies are all wired differently, and we all have different constitutions.

Once you understand HOW both YOU and your partner processes information, relationships improve for the wellbeing of everyone concerned.


How Beautiful is THAT!

Families living happily ever after.


If this sounds familiar and something you would like, let’s get started 🙂


I get totally Inspired & LOVE IT when people get to the stage where they truly want to learn, grow and mostly Understand themselves and OTHERS.


Looking forward to working with you either online or in Dundas for your Thai Yoga Deep Tissue Relaxation Bodywork Massage.



And happy to say, PROGRESS  is, after this post, a lady took a LEAP OF FAITH & came on Private Retreat with me in Ontario and is no longer terrified of spiders.


YAY ! How Wonderful is THAT first step? She is not the only one learning and growing.


So are the online UK mentorShip students growing through their own stages of Life itself.

How fantastic!


Let’s DO IT!


Whatever you say, stays WITH ME.


What I know FOR SURE is that people do not trust their personal lives with everyone, therefore when people do CHOOSE to work with me I am always grateful for that level of Trust that gets established.


P.S HOP OUT of the societal fishbowl and head my WAY.


See you soon

Hugs as always.


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure






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Respect Yes. Fear No.


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