Burnout: Have You Become Complacent?

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Burnout: Have You Become Complacent?


Complacency is the ultimate destroyer of progress and moving your life forward.


It’s basically when people become so comfortable within themselves, their relationships, their families and/or careers they become unconcerned/indifferent and lose motivation to improve in life.


They stop making an effort and take their hands off the steering wheel of their own lives.


WE ARE NOT IMMORTAL FOLKS and we only have a short time on planet Earth.


Never become complacent with your #selfcare or any aspect of your life for that matter.


We each have the potential to learn and grow but not everyone makes that CHOICE.


The minute I hear a person say, “I will not change”,  I immediately know they’ve chosen.


By choosing not to change anything within yourself, you choose to stop growing.


Chosen to stay comfortable in the current situation of Life.



Within relationships complacency often leads to relationships ending.

People no longer make an effort for each other.



For ourselves as individuals, complacency leads to burnout.

People making no effort to care for themselves.



Within workplaces complacency leads to mistakes and accidents.


All of this can be prevented IF people are WILLING to consider how they manage themselves, their families, their careers and above all their personal development.


Self-improvement, self-care, Growth and reaching full potential within this Life, which is the ultimate GIFT RECEIVED is a CHOICE.


You need to make that choice, or not, for yourself.


Introspection, self-responsibility and determination is part of the Yogic tradition.



If you need some perspective on this:



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3 ways you can take a look at things and catapult yourself FORWARD.


Complacency is no way to live.


If we do that we risk wasting our time on Earth.

Make your appointment today and Let’s DO something about it.


Have a lovely day

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