Graduate Course Reviews & Success Stories


Below is a small selection of  graduate reviews.

If you’re considering one of the programs, I encourage you to connect with past trainees for first-hand feedback and advice.



This wonderful woman is now teaching trauma-sensitive yoga in London and since the course she has BECOME a MOM to 2 beautiful Lives!



I came here a month ago feeling a little bit lost, frustrated, confused, but also thinking that I wanted to learn skills to be able to help people when I go back home.


Within the first couple of days the layers of the onion started to unpeel; really opening up.


Lots of issues that I had – which I’d been ignoring – and kind of normalising.


I had a block that I’ve got dyslexia.


I had a bit of a mental block thinking that I was completely illiterate and I just couldn’t write.

I don’t know what it was.


I also suffered with bulimia, but again I just normalised it.


As I delved deeper into myself – explored myself – I realized that it didn’t have to be a part of me anymore and so I’ve managed, with the tools that were supplied during the course, to keep it at bay.


I’ve been given the tools, which I’ve used, to communicate to myself differently; allowing my writing ability and my creative ability to flourish, which feels amazing.


The month has been an amazing experience.


It’s been challenging but completely eye opening and I really feel like I’ve got this feeling in my belly which is this knowing,

which is amazing,

this feeling of



Of accepting that I don’t have to be that person anymore, I don’t have to put that mask on.



I can be me.

That feeling is just completely and utterly unbelievable.


I cannot recommend Saliya Life Wellness any more.


They’ve held this amazing space, they’ve allowed us to grow, they’ve given us support, and they’ve allowed us to complete that full circle.

Thank you so much for your hard work. Thank you. – Lydia




Tiffany Larson , Utah Social Worker




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