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Growth With Emotional Wellbeing, Connection & A Sense Of Belonging.


Below is a small selection of graduate reviews.



You are ONE with the Cosmic Sound.

Your  Love and Grace will ripple on through Time and Space.


Your Motherhood Essence is spreading Universally.

I believe deeply that this will contribute to the shift of  Universal Consciousness of Humanity.

YTT Graduate



To learn to trust myself has meant more to me than just about anything.

Your passion, compassion and capacity to hold space for people’s pain is immense.

YTT Graduate



Kindness Words


Alison Jane Carter has her BA Honours English Literature and Educational Studies Degree and an MA in Journalism.

Since the 200 hr trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training she decided to pursue her dreams in a practical way and started her own social enterprise business in the UK focusing on Little Yogi’s play-based yoga classes and creative writing.



Every month like clockwork She SHOWS UP for her online personal and professional mentorship sessions with me and improves on something from one month to the next.

She is now learning Japanese and teaching ESL classes to Japanese students.


Progress is she’s found HER VOICE as a prolific freelance paid Writer.


This is Her career mentorship portfolio PROGRESS since qualifying as a yoga teacher.





Meet calm and kind Lydia Hitchcock



Lydia is now a well known and highly recommended movement specialist & yoga instructor within her community in Wales UK .


She decided to become a mom and is now a Wonderful partner, daughter, sister and Mother of two girls, as well as being a business owner.

We have continued online mentorship and online education together.




Tiffany Larson, MA Clinical Psychology and Utah Social Worker






After the 200 hr TTC course, we continued to work together in Ontario Canada on private retreat for further education and with online mentorship.

Tiffany decided to become a wonderful wife and mom. She is now the Mother of a little boy.


Her social enterprise business in Utah is Peaceful Embodiment and Tiffany Larson Art.



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Since this yoga teacher training graduation day, Mimi Sweet, went on to pursue further education & completed her B.A Anthropology in the UK.

She continued her mentorship with me online and in 2021 decided to pursue her creative dreams in a practical way.

She was accepted into a M.A Digital Marketing program in Barcelona, and went for it!




Aviana, full-time career personal support carer in Holland for a man living with paraplegia improved both her personal and professional skills.



Thank you from the endless bottom of my Soul for your guidance, for Being You, and for showing me the path of Being Whole.



I came here with the intention to help other people navigate through their life.
I then realized I was lost, frustrated & confused.

I came to figure my own things out, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I had a mental block thinking I was dyslexic and completely illiterate.

I couldn’t write at all.

I’ve learned to communicate with myself differently allowing my writing & creative ability to flourish which feels amazing.

I normalised my behaviour for about 5 years and have been struggling with bulimia.

This whole process has helped me fully accept myself.

I’ve come out with an amazing toolbox.

The support here has just been unbelievable.
Completely superseded my expectations.

It’s been a complete self-exploration and self-acceptance.

I can’t thank beautiful Colleen enough for holding space and allowing me to explore myself.
So, Saliya Life, Thank you so much.




I took the plunge and signed up for the course.

This experience has far exceeded any idea I may have had about what to expect.

What I left with is not only the confidence to bring this practice to the world, but with a level of self-confidence, I’ve struggled to captivate.

Through this practice and the guidance of Colleen, I’ve accessed a sense of self and emotional depth I didn’t know existed.

This has been true experiential learning.

Colleen’s breadth of knowledge is incredible.

She created a safe nourishing environment where we felt safe to explore, truly integrate the practice and make it our Own.


A truly Life changing experience. Simple yet profound.



More words of Growth & Kindness can be read here


Thank you for choosing to work with me

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Mutual Respect is Appreciated




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