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Yoga means different things to different people.


Many people have the perception that yoga is a form of physical exercise in which young women with perfect bodies tie themselves in knots or balance in a headstand with each muscle in perfect alignment while maintaining an air of grace and ease.


Most people have no idea that asana (postures) is only one aspect or limb of yoga.


The postures are actually an aid to meditation and ultimately Peaceful Embodiment.


It is very easy to fall into the trap of becoming totally body-focused, bordering on obsessed, missing the point altogether.


With Ahimsa (non-violence) being one of the Yama’s (ethics) in yoga, I do not push people.

Ahimsa applies not only to not harming others but also to not harming ourselves. Click To Tweet


Restorative Yoga allows us to have compassion and patience with ourselves.


Ripple Effect.

From there was have compassion and patience with others.


These aspects are deeply ingrained in what I love about teaching yoga, together with the Yama of Satya (Truth).


In that time and space, a group of people have one thing in common;




Each person climbs into a cocoon of stillness, known as Pratyahara, shuts off the outside world and listens to themselves.

Yes, we engage the physical body and tell our muscles to do specific things, which is the point.


We become aware of the body and muscles we had no idea that we had or that we could actively choose to engage them.




We are no longer on autopilot.


Neither autopilot of the body nor the mind. The breath deepens and slows, and with it, the random thoughts that pop into your head become less.


Gradually people become less fidgety and settle into their skin.


A total decompression.


The **hhhh** factor is what I call it 🙂 This is the very moment  I cherish seeing.


Masks are removed, and people allow me into their  REAL Lives.

The No Pretense Zone of Life is something Special, Sacred and I have a considerable amount of Respect for it.


For a short time, life is no longer guarded, no longer a competition or struggle with others or ourselves.


Ultimately for me, if I can facilitate the process of


  • easing into our skin
  • slowing or stopping the movements of the mind (Citta Vritti Nirodha)
  • and connecting to your Inner Stillness and Truth peacefully & calmly

We did yoga.


Keeping in mind, there are many different ways to do that, and I realize there is intimacy and vulnerability involved.

Hence I am very gentle with people and respectful of their trust.


A perfect vision of Truth can only follow a complete realization of Ahimsa. ~ Mahatma Gandhi Click To Tweet Namaste’


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