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How Beautiful is this?
It’s the AlfaRomeo 8C


Yesterday I was asked whether my clients and students are mostly men or women.

I guess it’s about a 60/40 split.

Still mostly women.


The reason for the car is this.



I easily relate to different people and can teach them in THEIR LANGUAGE about the human body because I made the effort to spend time around different people in different cultures.


Spent loads of time as a child around tradesmen so I relate to them.


Cars are one of those things men LOVE and I grew up working on my dad’s cars with him.

Forever in the garage playing with tools.


He used to have a Ford truck and an Alfa at one stage so I’d climb into the engine and pass him tools while he did things.


Another 2 family members drove Alfa Romeo too.

Beautiful cars.


Hence I understand tools, cars, men and the human body.

So if I work with men I speak to them in a relatable way.


Spend enough time window shopping for cars with your dad and you get to understand both men and cars.


Yoga is for me is about helping and teaching people from all walks of Life.

Can’t always use Yogic language or healthcare language right?


We need to be relatable to as many people as possible.

That’s only possible by putting in time and effort.


Bottom line for me is Italian designers are remarkable and this car shows that.


Classic, stylish, elegant, SUPER SEXY.

Masculinity and Femininity in BALANCE!!

Hello YOGA. See the connection?✔

This car is ON POINT!


Could you see yourself driving this?
Me? Absolutely!!


Stay Inspired
Colleen McClure

P. S. Sometimes I hug trees, sometimes I hug cars!

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