Enabling Decisions

 In General

Are you enabling?

The time to make important decisions and alter the course of your life is Every day.

No single decision is final.

One decision is only ever a stepping stone to the next one.

You are never stuck in any given situation.

The sooner you make necessary changes the better.

Do not wait for illness to knock on your door, which forces a decision.

Become an active participant in your own life.

Remove anything that is toxic from your life.

In many cases staying in destructive relationships causes you to be the enabler of unhealthy behavior.

Sometimes the job of a healer is compassion and kindness, other times amputations are needed.

Do not allow your own Light to be consumed.

#ChooseGrowth #ChooseLife #ChooseProgress

The choice is only ever your own.

Rather than waiting for the right person to arrive in your life, BE the person you’re waiting for 🙏❤💋

Feed the right wolf🙏


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