Coping Mechanisms and Stress

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Coping Mechanisms and Stress

It’s important to me that people see the real version of who I am.

This is why I share bits of my life on social media.

The yoga industry has the tendency to paint yoga teachers as some kind of sacred untouchable, only to be disappointed and feel betrayed when Truth dawns.

We are human.
Here’s today’s share.

Food is a challenge for me.

We all cope with the normal stresses of life in different ways. Our bodies respond in different ways.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, totally removes my need to eat when life is busy.

Fasting and cleansing my body at points in time has allowed me to train my mind to ignore hunger.
I simply don’t feel it if I’m stressed.

May 2017 during the most stressful period of intense grief in my life I didn’t eat anything for 11 days, at which point I realised I should eat, so I had a raw egg. I drank water and met myself on my yoga mat every day.

I lost about 15kg in 3 months, which I’ve now regained to a healthy weight👍

Everything I teach in the 200 hr trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training is from personal experience.

The impact of this #stress response is that over time my ferritin and iron reserves TOTALLY DEPLETED.

Intense #fatigue and exhaustion, headaches and irritability showed up.

Blood tests from 2 weeks ago show my reserves have still not recovered fully, which explains why I needed a movie day today.
I was pretty exhausted.

This explains a little bit of why I am not vegan or vegetarian. There will of course be judgement of this decision, which I feel is ultimately my own.

I am not fundamentalist in my approach to food.

I have to make an effort to replenish these reserves for my own body to be sustainable.

Turkey mince and kale puree in radicchio leaves is light enough for me to process.
They roll up into small burritos and are #ironrich  Thanks you to my friend @denisedaffara
Who posted on this topic a few days ago and reminded me to get my test results.

The reminder to slow down & #replenish is always welcome.

So may it be for you too  .

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