Tradesmen Are Yogi’s

 In General

Two of my great loves are architecture and construction.


I am mesmerised by the human capacity to build large symmetrical structures.


This is the old electricity building in Niagara Falls built in 1906, designed by the architect and Mason, EJ Lennox.


He was a very well-read man, clearly with a passion for his profession and a spiritual man who believed in his career and something Greater than himself.


He studied historical architecture and created new structures in line with the times.


Yoga includes self-study.

Delving into the past to Inspire the Future.


The belief of The Masons was originally “Making Good People Better”.


They believed in working together to Improve Humanity and make life better for people.

Well educated men (and women) who contributed beneficially to society in a practical way.


Real-world Yogi’s doing #yogaoffthemat.

EJ Lennox is the type of person who inspires me to keep growing in my personal development and professional development.


There is no separation between the two for me.
From a position of continuous improvement within myself, I teach others.


Historical research is important.

If we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know where we’re going.


From a Buddhist perspective, construction and architecture are some of the best examples of non-attachment.


These people invest a great deal of mental fortitude and physical effort into building something that people need, improving people’s lives, and then walk away with no emotional attachment.

Real World Yogis without realizing it.


That’s what people would like to believe and reality is People are People.

People are not machines.

Therefore we cannot deny or neglect emotional involvement.

People Do get emotionally involved in their profession.


If we weren’t, we’d have minimal motivation and drive & we wouldn’t do it.


Passion is an emotion.


Without that people wouldn’t show up.


Both Occupational health and workplace appreciation is vital for people working within these environments.


I realize these professions are hard on our bodies, therefore selfcare is vital to prevent injury and stress related burnout.


More and more people are considering work life balance; the impact of their profession on their bodies; the impact of their profession on their family and more importantly the Long Term Impact of Longevity & Quality Of Life.


To these men and women, Thank you for what you built and for what you continue to build.


Thank you to the trades people in Ontario who Woke Up to the importance of #selfcare & made appointments to work with me to take care of themselves.


I realize there are millions of yoga practitioners in the world, many retreats to choose from and many masseuses to choose from, so when a person chooses to work with me for trauma-informed yoga teacher training, private retreat or trauma-informed bodywork I get SUPER EXCITED.


For me The Happy Dance happens IMMEDIATELY.


Together we lift pressure OFF the healthcare system.



© Colleen Glennis McClure


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