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Conscious Business: We Vote With Our Money


Happy Monday folks.
It’s a sunny winter day in Southern Ontario.


Can’t even believe it’s winter it’s so warm today.


I chatted to a man yesterday who is a client of mine.


Talking about how business owners have dealt with this Covid mess.


Conscious business for me during this pandemic is watching how people have gone about business.


Based on that, I decide which businesses I will support in the future and which I won’t.


In Canada the government provided large and medium businesses with employee support to keep people employed.

Certain businesses laid people off regardless of the provided support.

Lay offs impact mental health and self-esteem of people, directly impacting families and communities.


Knowing financial support was offered to medium and large businesses, if those companies laid workers off, I will do my best to not support them moving forward.


We vote with our money.

Conscious Business


Cetain small businesses had no choice but to shut their doors unfortunately, others managed to knuckle down and ride it out.


Moving forward for me, people who were THERE for people, I will support.


I recently heard someone say he “capitalized” on Covid for his business preparing himself for a potential recession.


It put me off completely.


In my personal case, I DID NOT capitalize on people.

I did not capitalize on fear and uncertainty.


I intentionally provided lots of free info online and spoke to people on the ground to help as much as possible knowing when people are dealing with fear and uncertainty they don’t make clear decisions.


The clients who have worked with me during Covid online and inperson already knew me prior to this mess and needed support to sustain themselves knowing the type of person I am, my experience in this industry and my approach.


I think personally the Resilience factor, Trust factor and Reliability factor has shown itself.


Did people start “pivoting” all over the place without any level of clarity or did they knuckle down and ride it out?


Many people were impacted and/or laid off but many many people stayed fully employed with full pay.


Being in business for yourself comes with a level of uncertainty every single day.


If your Heart and Soul is in it, you won’t “pivot” all over the place as soon as an opportunity comes your way.


So…for conscious business, Christmas shopping and future consumption, pay attention to how Covid was handled.


Were workers laid off or not?


Did the business/coach/ service provider suddenly start pivoting all over the place as if real life is the TV show Friends?


Get to difficulty in the path and suddenly change direction or were they consistent within themselves and their business?


The  Resilience & Reliability Factor determines Trustworthiness.



Choose To Evolve




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