Community Mediation & The Thai People’s Princess

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Community Mediation & The Thai People’s Princess


Oriental Lillies are maybe my favorite flowers.

How Beautiful are these?

I always buy them when they’re still fully closed so I can watch them open up slowly.

They have the most beautiful scent and fill the house with it.


They always remind me of people.


We have the tendency to become closed off and kind of shut down then things happen in Life, slowly but surely we open up and come back.



I still do it myself. If I get stressed out or angry, I go very quiet and withdraw.


Conflict and anger really isn’t one of my most favorite things to participate in, hence,

I’m a qualified mediator.


Conflict Resolution.✔
Alternative Dispute Resolution is my way.✔


Sit around a table like grown adults with self awareness and emotional awareness and have a grown up conversation is always the best thing to do.


Sometimes a mediator is needed for things to stay objective.


Healthy communication is required if we intend to have healthy relationships, healthy families and healthy communities.


Point being… there are protests going on in Thailand.

A piece of my Heart is still very much in that soil.


My Spirituality very much resides there and India.


I fully suspect the student activists have no idea about the Princess of Thailand.


She’s known as Phra Thep, Princess Angel and has done many many good projects for her people.

If you speak to the older generation on the ground, they really love her.


I’m feeling quiet in myself today and honestly worried for her.

This is her.

Please send Love and Light her way.



Protests have a way of turning into harmful conflict where people get hurt.


This Lady leads from her Heart in a kind gentle way and I’m Loyal to her way of leadership.


The People’s Princess❤❤❤




Colleen McClure


Independent Trauma-Informed Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters


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