Being a Complete Human Being

 In General

Personal and professional growth is a bit like a puzzle for me.


All the information and experience come together to build a COMPLETE PUZZLE and a COMPLETE HUMAN BEING.


The most crucial piece of the puzzle is actually YOU and the choices YOU MAKE.

Either we choose to grow or we don’t.


In yoga, there is a clear understanding of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.


YOUR growth is up to YOU!

Either you want to grow WITHIN yourself, or you don’t.


Remember the phrase


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.


If you’d like to learn and grow, moving forward towards beneficial social contribution in a sustainable way (without burning yourself out), book your  Thai Yoga massage,  book your private retreat, or book your online session with me.

Graduate information for the 200hr Trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training education can be found here.


Women who chose healing & personal growth. Yay! how Wonderful is THAT!


I’m only ever a click away from you regardless of where you are in the world.

On that note, you might like to read this post.


LEARN how to complete your OWN puzzle.

Have a lovely day
Colleen McClure  x


Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure

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