Synchronicity, Angels & The Bay

 In General


One morning I woke up at 2 am and decided to go on a fact-finding mission.

The are various locations for teacher training & customized private retreats, so I decided to take a business trip and go on a fact-finding mission.


Of course, there is information online, and I still prefer real-world first-hand experience.


When it comes to the questions of what, where and how concerning our career self-care paths, with willingness I’ll go first.

I’ll lead the way, navigate the mission and prepare for the others.


Years prior to this, while travelling in Indonesia, I met an artist from whom I bought art.


On the back of the canvas he’d painted in 2002, he wrote,


Live With Beauty


I still have the painting but forgot what it said on the back until today when I picked it up and read it.


Light bulb moments of experiences dotted through my Life.


He had painted that.


Years later, I painted a painting myself, and on the bottom, I  wrote,


Surround Yourself With Beauty



I showed it to a doctor, and she really liked it, so I gifted it to her.



Fast forward 2 am.


I woke up and decided to take the trip. I had no pre-planned itinerary.


All I knew was I’m driving East, and I will KNOW when I get there.


I got to this sign 2 days later, and, Synchronicity,  I KNEW I was there.





Took a drive around the beautiful area and found a barn to explore.


I decided to stop and have a look.


I walked in and saw this.


The minute I saw Clifford and Ernie, I thought of my father’s family.


My grandfather’s name was Clifford, and another family member was Ernie.

The man working in the barn was very kind.


Then…. came across this.



Family Crest




I continued on my adventure and spent some time with beautiful volcanic rock.


Stories In The Stones & Soul Whispers


I have a great great LOVE for ancient rock and didn’t expect to find this.



At dawn the next morning, I sat quietly drinking my coffee, watching sunrise, enjoying Mysticalness.


The Beauty Of Total Silence.


Where Sacredness is Heard, Felt & runs straight through Your Heart.






Suddenly my phone rang.


I answered.


It was a friend.

I thought he had phoned me since my phone rang, and he thought I phoned him since his phone rang.


Who knows, somehow 2 phones rang at the same time.


Obviously, it was meant to be.

Two people at the right time and place were meant to speak.


By now, my intuition bells were ringing all over the place.

I thought, ok, stay open to what happens next.


I continued on my mission and found a great little cafe in the middle of nowhere run by a German woman.


The property and location were very simple.

A humble little place.

The cake, however, was AMAZING.


In honour of my great grandparents, I ordered Black Forest cake ( for my great grandmother) and a whiskey for my great grandfather.


I hardly ever drink alcohol, but there was clearly Something Special going on in this Special Place.


To celebrate The Angels, I ate cake and drank 1 whiskey.

My great grandfather would be VERY proud of that choice.



From the moment I woke up at 2 am, throughout the entire trip, I kept getting this INNER KNOWING where I just knew there was something Special and something Sacred going on here.


Not everything in Life can be explained.


That itself is the Beauty of Synchronicity.


That feeling where you KNOW.



Continued onwards and stopped in a small town called Kamouraska.


What a wonderful place.


It’s small and quaint and enchanting, and I will not spoil it for.


Go and see for yourself.

Even though I cannot speak French, the people in this area were incredibly kind and understanding.




There is Beauty to be found here.

A beautiful church in Quebec, somewhere off the Trail.







My journey home continued after enjoying the expansiveness of the St.Lawrence.





Time went by after this trip, and THEN one night, I watched a favourite movie of mine.


The Scarlet Letter.


Hmm…I recognized The Cardinal Bird!

Ok, Ok, Ring Ring intuition bells are going off. I’m listening.

One of my favourite visitors, I said.



At the very end, I recognised a brief moment in that movie that looked familiar to my trip and went through my photos.





Stories In The Stones & Special Soul Whispers


What? Are you kidding me?

I had no idea that The Scarlet Letter was filmed in a Nova Scotian fishing village!



A story of forbidden love, A Loyal Woman with conviction steadfast in her beliefs, and powerful men in positions of rulership.

A GREAT deal of harm was done with fear, guilt and shame back in the day.


Having said that, it’s not for me to pass societal judgement or allocate blame on what happened in the past.

My choice in life is to be as objective & impartial as possible.

To be there with Compassion, empathy & understanding for people who want to heal and want to have beautiful relationships in Life.


Thankfully it’s NOW 2022.

A great deal of healing & PROGRESS has been made so far, and people still have the continued opportunity to heal and the continued opportunity to improve our understanding of each other with me,  even more.


How exciting is THAT for those who want to?

If that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right opportunity, and the right person.


The more we choose to heal, learn & understand, the better we get on with each other, moving towards a world of PEACE & HARMONY. THAT DIRECTION!



I enjoy working with people who want to heal, who want to learn, who want to grow, who want to understand themselves, who want to understand others and our human behaviour as a Collective.


What more can I say?


I believe in Angels.

I believe in Synchronicity.

I believe we are, where we are meant to be, on Any Given Day.


Perhaps in the here and now, you found me and are reading for THAT very reason.

Collective Consciousness & Sacred Spaces




If you read this and decide to do so,  I’m only ever 1 click or call away regardless of where we are in the world. You are always welcome to contact me.


See you soon

Hugs as always

Colleen McClure


P.S if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. It will make you think about Leadership.


Thank you, Wonderful Nova Scotia, for my adventure.  It was worth it!

I appreciate you all.


Thank you, Wonderful Quebec.

I appreciate you all.

It was Worth going the distance!


In this Life, I will see you again.


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