An Empire Built On Grief: From Dancer to Icon

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An Empire Built on Grief


From Cabaret Dancer to Fashion Icon



Gabriel Chanel


I’ve been meaning to share one of my most inspiring people for a while now.


No better time than now, especially since Karl Lagerfeld has passed away.


Karl Lagerfeld


Gabriel Chanel was an orphan.

She was a cabaret dancer, dancing in bars and a seamstress with basic skills.


The nickname Coco came from being a dancer.


She met a lovely man who was very wealthy and could have easily provided everything for her, but she wanted to be self-sufficient, and she didn’t enjoy being within the norm of current social circles.


She met and fell in love with a working-class investigator who lent her money to open her first studio in Paris with the agreement that she would pay him back.


She loved Arthur Capel dearly, but he was killed in a car accident when vehicles were first invented.


To process her grief, she focused on creating her unique style of clothing, which was transforming Paris.


She turned grief into beauty through sheer determination by defying convention and being true to herself.


1 woman’s vision and hard work transformed the ENTIRE fashion industry and impacted society forever.


She had a remarkable mind and used it for Beauty, beyond herself.


Karl Lagerfeld is part of her story.


For me, the beauty of this is that while she had the vision and the skills as a woman in a very different era, she was supported by a man.


By recognising her strength, he encouraged her. She changed society forever and left her Essence for others ❤🙏


For me, her story is important.


We can either be destroyed by hardship and get stuck in a victim mindset or through self-determination, courage and being true to yourself; 1 simple CHOICE & DECISION can change everything.


Surround yourself with Inspiration & people who encourage your Growth, personal development  & transformation


p.s I don’t wear the clothes, but I do love the perfume. #PureEssence

Copyright Colleen Glennis McClure


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