40 hrs Advanced Online Continuing Education

Trauma-Informed Community Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training


The Big Picture


People often end up in conflict simply because they’re blind to their own imbalance in skillset.

Building a complete human is no different to building a house.

Mindset, tools & skills need to be balanced.


We need both the information and the skills in balance.

Information needs to be applicable in daily life.


We cannot avoid conflict.
It’s very much part of navigating human existence.


If we value peaceful existence, this needs to be embodied.


But how do you do that?

What is Peaceful Embodiment and how do you do that?


The gap and the value lies in the practical integration of skills and information.
Where East meets West in the middle path.

Taking off your own blindfold and seeing your own gaps as your personal Truth, then actively taking responsibility for your own existence and development.

People often end up in mediation and counseling because they didn’t have conflict resolution skills.

Yoga is not about a mat.
It’s about daily life OFF THE MAT in the real world.

You cannot pull out a mat and stand on your head during the day in normal life.
You need practical skills and integrative understanding.


40 hrs can change your life in a beneficial way.
Stop the cycle!


Continuing education Trauma-informed community mediation and conflict mitigation training will soon be available online.


This certificate course can be joined by
yoga teachers for continuing education credits

HR leaders



business owners

anyone interested in self responsiblity and adult education.

This continuing education certificate gives you the skills & expertise to mediate conflict within yourself, your own life, your own family, your own workplace and your own community at large in an interconnected thinking and innovative way.


Bridging East and West.

Learn why, how and what to do.


The choices you make for yourself can change your life forever.

Without understanding conflict we cannot cultivate peace.

Keep your eyes open for more info soon