Welcome to Saliya Life Wellness & Conflict Mitigation

Independently owned, operated and represented by myself , Colleen Mc Clure.

If you’re a qualified professional within international healthcare, education and conflict resolution for over 20 years, you learn a thing or two about different cultures, different people, traumatic stress and burnout.

Meeting The Social Needs Of Community And Society Through Valuable

Trauma-informed Education, Training & Service Provision


Saliya Life Wellness and Conflict Mitigation is a trauma-informed social solopreneurship.


Meeting the needs of society through sustainable business as an independent female business owner.


Engineering social contribution, through practical solutions, and intentional education.

With over 20 years professional international work experience in healthcare and education, I now choose to focus on trauma-informed burnout prevention, preventative healthcare, post-traumatic stress recovery, preventative health and conflict mitigation.
We cannot have peaceful, healthy, functional, socially contributing individuals  and sustainable communities without understanding illness and conflict resolution.
I believe public services cannot do it alone.
Corporate environments, work places, unions  and individuals themselves MUST invest in their own health, their own education and their own skills to contribute to the big picture of community.
Self-responsibility and agency is a corner stone of healthy communities.

I offer and provide opportunities for learning, personal development and healing; engineering social contribution, through practical solutions, and intentional education.


Everyone has a story.


As well as being a qualified former healthcare provider and qualified educator, I am very much a human.

I am an intuitive abstract artist and story keeper.

I’m also a genealogist and love graveyards.

People and their stories, both past and present, really matter to me.

Much can be learned from the lives of people before us.


Nature is my inspiration.

It is an environment of neutrality and balance. Everything within a rainforest has a function and purpose.

It is a symbiotic environment.


Social contribution is The Core to this business.


Humans by nature do not function in isolation.

Humans are also consumers by nature; therefore it is our responsibility to make positive contribution, every day.


At my core I’m a lover of natural, simplistic, refined and distinctive aesthetics.

The finer details many are unaware of.


Humans by nature do not function in isolation. Click To Tweet



Why Saliya?



I love fabric (especially raw natural fibers like calico, cotton and silk), texture, fresh crisp pages and blank canvases.

For me, the clay for pottery, plain fabrics and blank canvases represent endless possibilities and New Beginnings.

While the final product of a painted canvas or a woven fabric is important, the detail of what has gone into this item is fundamental.


The threads are the Essence.


Calico is a plain cotton-based unbleached fabric, originating in India, made by traditional weavers known as “chaliyans”, or “Saliyans”.

The word “Saliya” is rooted in Dravidian languages meaning “spider”, a symbol of weaving.


The traditional story is that the Saliya people were a caste of weavers, who wove clothes with sacred silk thread for a royal family in India.

Weaving and particularly calico has a rich history.


Mahatma Gandhi, an icon for peace and social change recognised the importance of self-reliance and being self-sufficient. He himself learned how to spin thread and weave his own cloth.


The spider as a symbol is steeped in rich legend, seen in various traditions as representing creativity, wisdom keepers, creators and helpers.  


A “sutta or “sutra” refers to threads or teachings of knowledge, in both Pali (the ancient language of Theravada Buddhism) and Sanskrit (an ancient language of India).


Saliya Life Wellness is also based on the greatest Love story of Sri Lanka. 

Because Everyone needs a good Love story right?

Prince Saliya was heir to the throne being the son of King Dutugamunu, the most powerful and legendary king of Sri Lanka.

Saliya fell in love with a beautiful girl named Asokamala, a commoner.

He renounced the throne and all privilege of a royal Life choosing Love, marrying Asokamala.


The vision and creation of Saliya Life Wellness is that I, as a qualified service provider, integrate the threads of knowledge and experience, from both Western academic research and work experience and Eastern philosophy; for people to weave the best version of themselves with self-compassion, kindness and Love.


This is fundamental to a healthy sustainable community.


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Colleen Mc Clure 


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