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Jnana Yoga is at The Heart

Learn then Implement — is at the Heart Of This.


Fostering the path of Education, Knowledge, then Wisdom is Jñāna Yoga.

The Yoga of Education, Knowledge & Wisdom





Sa Li Ya: That which CONNECTS to the Spirit Of The Great Heart ❤️


Why S A L I Y A?


Because Everyone LOVES a good Love story, right?


Prince Saliya was heir to the throne, being the son of King Dutugamunu, the most powerful and legendary King of Sri Lanka.

Saliya fell in love with a beautiful girl named Asokamala, a commoner.


He renounced the throne and all privileges of a royal Life choosing Love, marrying Asokamala.



The word “Saliya” is rooted in Dravidian languages meaning “spider”, a symbol of weaving and connection.


The traditional story is that the Saliya people were a caste of weavers who wove clothes with sacred silk thread for a royal family in India.


Weaving and particularly calico has a rich history.

Mahatma Gandhi, an icon for peace and social participation, (who was not a perfect man), recognised the importance of education, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.


He learned how to spin thread and weave his own cloth.

Then he taught his people to do so too.


First, he learned, then he taught.


The spider as a symbol is steeped in rich legend, seen in various traditions as representing creativity, wisdom keepers, creators and helpers.


A “sutta or “sutra” refers to threads or teachings of knowledge in both Pali (the ancient language of Theravada Buddhism) and Sanskrit (an ancient language of India).


The Threads Are The Essence.


Fabrics and blank canvases represent INFINITE possibilities and continuous improvement.

While the final painted canvas or woven fabric is important, the detail  & SPIRIT of what has gone into this item is fundamental.


S A L I YA  is internationally known and renowned by clients and students.

The Owner: A person who has worked with people and has had a career in international healthcare, education, mediation, conflict resolution and yoga from the very beginning.


S A L I Y A   stems from the Passion, vision, great great Love, dedication, devotion, mental fortitude & determination of One woman.

Colleen Glennis Mc Clure.


By integrating education with independent travel, cultural understanding, a talent for creative design and historical appreciation,

Colleen & S A L I Y A  goes beyond standard Yoga, Alternative Dispute Resolution & educational expectation.



What her friends say: She’s DIRECT & ASSERTIVE.

The Loyal, reliable, responsible friend with the voice & Heart of Reason.

The confidante friend.


What her family says:  She’s the one who keeps people calm in a crisis.

She BRINGS  BALANCE & understanding, a sense of humour to the table, usually finds the silver lining.


What she says:  I’m only ever 1 email away from those who CHOOSE to Learn.

Humanitarian and Environmental Contributions:

Humanitarian & Environmental Contributions

Please note NO FURTHER PROBONO work is being offered or done


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