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Welcome to Saliya Life Wellness

Bridging Western Healthcare and Asian Wellness


 Trauma-Informed Integrative

Wellness Education & Training.


Joy And Suffering:

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


I am a transparent qualified  former allied healthcare provider and qualified educator specialising in the transformation and healing of loss, trauma and toxic or traumatic stress through various practises including inclusive therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, meditation, somatic bodywork, massage, art and intentional communication.





I actively work with anyone needing objective input and wellness tools to lead a more balanced life, with healthier relationships; primarily with yourself, which then benefits everyone around you.





 Questions & Bookings?

Contact me via Whatsapp   FB Messenger or  email info@saliyalife.com 

Integrative Wellness Consultant

I believe high quality education and preventative health care provide Lifetime Value. Click To Tweet

I believe high quality education and preventative health care provide Lifetime Value.


I believe Transformation and Healing require objective Compassion, Trust, Love, Empathy, Dignity, Courage and Freedom of Expression; without judgement.

Change is the only thing we can be sure of. For many people change is very scary.

Therefore, in order to take the risk we need to have a strong support system.


I offer an integrative toolbox of services dealing with mental health and behavioural health challenges.


I provide support for people healing from and coping through grief, loss, PTSD, trauma, stress, addictive tendencies, substance abuse, burnout, compassion fatigue, ADD, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and the various co-occurring disorders and dis-ease. Through practises of self-care including self-awareness, self-regulation, self-nurture, emotional intelligence, gentle therapeutic yoga, meditation, intuitive art therapy and journalling I offer harm reduction tools cultivating self-compassion and Personal Insight.


I offer personalised programs with the personal sensations of what is happening in your being as the basis of your wellness program, in which your dignity and your rights are Always fully respected. I offer lifestyle tools and support while You do Your inner work.

I offer an opportunity for you to explore and gain personal insight into the cause and effect of your condition fostering a collaborative client-centred approach based on a strong foundation of the mind-body connection to support your recovery and maintain balance.

My global healthcare and education services include

  • Personalised retreats for educators, social services and health care workers


    • Personalised Online Therapeutic Wellness Program via skype or in-person
    • Personalised Online Lifestyle Intervention Program via skype or in-person
    • Expatriate Mental Health Support Services provided via skype or in-person
    • Personalised Corporate Wellness Programs via skype or in-person
    • Trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training  **NEXT TRAINING AUGUST 2019**


  • Yogalates teacher training (Combining yoga and Pilates)
  • In-person workshops and training

 Questions & Bookings?

Contact me via Whatsapp   FB Messenger or  email info@saliyalife.com 

If you would like to host a workshop, training or have an in-person appointment, contact me or sign up for the newsletter

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Alumni Testimonials

Tiffany Larson is a qualified social worker in Utah USA.
She joined the January 2018 course.
This is her experience.


  • I have attended Colleen's yoga class several times now and every time it has given me exactly what I needed. I particularly like her practical and physical approach combined with practices to go inwards and experience glimpses of your true being. The restorative yoga poses she often teaches leaves me with a strengthened body and mind. Looking forward to her class every week.

  • Colleen draws together her depth of knowledge & experience across a diverse range of disciplines, offering an informed & holistic approach to health & wellbeing. Her dedication, sensitivity & integrity are reflected throughout her practice. I value Colleen's advice & expertise as a holistic therapist & trust that what Colleen offers comes from a place of embodied wisdom.

  • My son is a special needs child, who suffers from uncontrolled epilepsy, is severally physically and mentally disabled, is dependent on a wheelchair and has generalized weakness. He is unable to participate independently in normal developmental activities. Colleen has followed a programme of therapy based and developmental play activities with my son in a main stream school environment, as well as at home. She has worked closely with his therapists, including his Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist. She has learned alternative methods of communication and specialized devices. I have seen a noticeable improvement in his general strength, function and emotional well-being. I attribute this primarily to Colleen's hard work, determination and dedication. She has showed compassion and empathy whilst still being able to challenge him to improve. I know he will miss her. I have no hesitation in recommending Colleen and wish her luck in her career.

  • She communicates well at all levels from patients to consultant physicians. She is forthright, cheerful, and works well under pressure. I recommend her as a conscientious, hardworking individual.

    Princess Elizabeth Hospital Guernsey UK
  • Her work is of an excellent standard. She is very competent, accurate and adaptable.

    Chief Pharmacist Nobles Isle of Man UK
  • She has always proved herself to be efficient and reliable.

    Chief Hospital Administrator Netcare South Africa
  • You gave me the opportunity to overcome my perfectionism. One of my biggest issues. Thanks for creating a beautiful space.

  • She has demonstrated an enthusiasm to learn all aspects, including various clinical trials and has been looking after one of our Infectious Disease wards.

    North Manchester General Hospital UK
  • I very much enjoy her classes for the physical and spiritual release from everyday routine and stresses. I greatly appreciate her attentiveness to the group - correcting posture and technique to prevent injury or discomfort. I have started doing yoga at home after starting Colleen's classes.