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Welcome to Saliya Life Wellness

Bridging Health & Conflict Mitigation

 Trauma-Informed Integrative

Wellness Education & Training.



If you want to work with someone who Understands Humans and how we function,

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE


trauma-informed wellness and conflict mediation


Questions & Bookings?

Contact me via Whatsapp   or  email 

I believe high quality education and preventative health care provide Lifetime Value.

My global healthcare and education services include

  • Personalised retreats for educators, social services and health care workers
  • Personalised Online Therapeutic Wellness Program via skype or in-person
  • Expatriate Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Support Services provided via skype or in-person
  • Workplace Wellness & Conflict mitigation training
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training  **NEXT TRAINING AUGUST 2019**

 Questions & Bookings?

Contact me via Whatsapp  email   

If you would like to host a workshop, training or have an in-person appointment, contact me or sign up for the newsletter

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