Podcasts and Talk Shows

We often have topics that come up where we’d like to add our opinion, or share our thoughts. ¬†Reading a blogpost isn’t always possible, so listen to the audio of our thoughts on industry trends within these podcasts and talk shows.

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In this podcast, Chad and Colleen discuss the varying forms of guilt. How people feel it, how people use it, and how it can deeply guide one’s life – even if they don’t acknowledge it. Do you feel guilty… about anything? This discussion is for you.


In this show, Colleen is interviewed by Aesha Kenedy for Brilliant Misfits. Hear about her journey to where she is now. Learn about her motivations and philosophy that lead to the creation of the woman-owned-and-operated Saliya Life Institute.


You know it when you see it. You know it when you experience it. But how do you build mental fortitude? In this episode, C&C Conversations looks at building mental fortitude. We discuss the capacity of our fitness related services to support people trying to build mental fortitude. Benefits to mind and body: A holistic approach to fitness.