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Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

Saliya-therapeutic-Yoni-Massage-Orchid-SQA Unique Interwoven tapestry of Bodywork.

A flowing oil massage incorporating aspects of Swedish, aromatherapy, lomi lomi, chi nei tsang, nadi healing, meridian line therapy and Thai massage based on the premise of nourishing the Entire Being with


My intention with this massage is to offer a space for deep relaxation to unfold, activating the self-healing mechanisms of the body to function at a much deeper level of the whole organism of our


This massage offering pays homage to and connects the South African, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, German, Australian and Indonesian lineages of all the wonderful teachers and healers I have had the privilege to learn from over the years.


90 minute session, incorporating 75 min massage and 15 min consultation.

Therapeutic intimate Feminine Massage

Saliya-Intuitive-Massage-Flower-Mandala-SQ40% of women are afflicted by female sexual disorder according to US statistics.

The formation of a crystal- like sedimentation in the veins, as well as fatty deposits and knots in the pelvic floor muscles can occur, causing blockages impeding our sexual health according to traditional Taoists and Yogic healers of the East.

Healthy blood circulation removes these physical blockages allowing the self-healing aspects of the body to restore natural balance.

Not to be confused, it is not a sexual massage. No form of stimulation is performed, or offered in this therapeutic approach.

This massage is offered to women exploring and facing challenges surrounding the inner relationship of how you feel within yourself, intimacy with others, and general sexual health.

90 minute session

  • I felt great ever since we did the yoni massage.  I felt really grounded and connected to myself. It was a very beautiful and special day for me.  I wish you all the best to continue on your journey of bringing other women to experience their full potential. You really have a talent


Pure, Precious, Potent, Power

Celebrating our love affair with nature

Pure, Precious, Potent, Power. Celebrating our love affair with nature. Click To Tweet

Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage)

photo by Colleen Hollett

Keeping our organs free of emotional and environmental tensions and toxins, and maintaining a smooth and abundant flow of balanced energies through the body is the secret to the gifts of good health and long life according to eastern lifestyle teachings.

In all Asian cultures the abdomen is seen as a very important area of the body. It is the centre of our body, the origin of physical life at the umbilical cord and powerhouse of our vitality.

Chi (qi) can be described as universal electric current, unseen life-force, cosmic breath, or vital force. It permeates and nurtures everything. It is an electromagnetic force. In humans it cannot be seen, but it can be felt. Good chi is properly flowing; unbeneficial chi is stagnant, unmoving and results in illness.

Similar to nervous impulses travelling through the body via nerves, the chi travels via meridian lines or what yogis refer to as nadi’s.

Healthy circulating chi and blood are fundamental to life.

The navel is the body’s chi energy centre. The chi nei tsang massage, as taught by Taoist Master Mantak Chia, opens and stimulates meridian lines throughout the body focusing primarily at the navel.

By keeping the centre of the body free of blockages, we assure health, rejuvenation and longevity.


  • Balanced digestion
  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • Improved function of the fascia (connective tissue), organs and entire system of the body

60 min session

Colleen is professionally trained in Thai massage, Swedish Oil, Lomi Lomi, Chi Nei Tsang, sacred feminine massage, and Nadi healing massage. She offers an integrative approach meeting you where you are on that particular day. She has been a bodywork practitioner since 1998.

photo by Colleen Hollett